Bonus Accumulator Review: Unlock The Profits Of Casino Offers

Bonus Accumulator say that some of their members are making £1000s every month by unlocking the profits of casino offers.

Their step by step guides and tools are designed to walk you through the huge amount of signup and reload offers available at online casinos.

Whether you are new to casino offers or experienced, this service has you covered, with offers ranging from low to high risk.

If you are a complete beginner, the expected value from the inital offers works out at more than £3,600. After that, there are reload offers with expected value of £650+ per month.

It's important to note that this is not gambling, as every offer has a positive EV (expected value), which means that completing them will generate a return in the long term. Think of it like matched betting, but with casinos instead of sportsbooks.

Even if you have been bonus banned at bookmakers, you will most likely still be able to take advantage of the casino offers.

The team also run a service called Profit Accumulator, which includes a complete guide to matched betting and making money from bookmaker sign up bonuses and reloads. You can grab a free trial of Profit Accumulator here.

Although it sounds too good to be true, there is money to be made from these offers and we took the service for a test drive to prove it. We had access to the service for one month to see how much money we could make in this amount of time.

As we fell into the category of more experienced and with many bookie accounts already gubbed (bonus banned), it seemed like it would be quite the challenge.

It turned out to be quite the opposite, with plenty of casino offers that we hadn't looked at before.

In one month we made £364.90 profit by completing welcome bonuses and reload offers. There were still loads left to work through, so we had merely scratched the surface of what this service had to offer.

Read on to find out more about Bonus Accumulator and our review results.

What is included with Bonus Accumulator?

Bonus Accumulator's simulator allows them to simulate millions of slot spins to give them an extremely accurate expected value for casino offers. This makes hundreds of offers available to make money from that were previously thought to be unprofitable.

The extensive slots database helps you decide which slot to play to complete offers to achieve the maximum profit, including stats on the RTP (Return to Player) and variance.

There are also strategy calculators available for games like Blackjack, to make sure you are always playing with an edge when completing offers.

To track how much money you have made and which offers you have completed, there is a handy Profit Tracker. This automatically keeps tack of your profits when you mark an offer completed.

How is Bonus Accumulator different to Profit Accumulator?

Bonus Accumulator is purely focused on extracting value from Casino sign up bonuses and reload offers, whereas Profit Accumulator is mainly a matched betting service.  

Although Profit Accumulator include some casino offers to complete, you won't find all of them there. In fact, the team say that some of the offers listed on Bonus Accumulator won't have been seen anywhere else.

Is Bonus Accumulator risk-free?

Although there are some risk-free offers available to get started with, many of the casino offers are not completely risk-free. However, all of the offers listed at Bonus Accumulator have a positive expected value so they will be profitable in the long term. 

You will likely lose money completing some offers but overall the profit graph will be heading upwards when you look at the bigger picture.

Bonus Accumulator Review EV Graph

If you are new to casino offers, it's advisable to stick to the lower risk bonuses so that you can get used to it and build up your bankroll. Bonus Accumulator have noted the advised bank needed beside each offer so that you don't overstretch yourself.

You do need the right mindset for completing casino offers. You have to be disciplined enough to stop wagering once the offer is complete and follow the instructions given. It can be all too tempting to keep playing those slots afterwards, but this is gambling and will lose you money in the long run.

How much money can you make from Bonus Accumulator?

The golden question is how much money can you actually make from this service and from completing casino bonuses in general.

Results for this are going to be different for everyone as there is variance involved with casino offers. It also depends on how many offers you complete and the size of your bankroll.

In total we made £364.90 profit by completing a mixture of sign up and reload bonuses and we covered low, medium and high risk offers.

Here is a breakdown of our results, which we have removed the casino names from in fairness to the service.

DateDetailsProfit/LossExpected ValueTotal
26/05/202050 Free Spins£1.60£4.71£1.60
26/05/2020100% Matched Bonus + 20 Free Spins-£32.68£15.32-£31.08
27/05/2020Wager £10 Get 30 Free Spins£2.69£5.74-£28.39
27/05/2020Wager £10 Get 30 Free Spins£12.95£6.99-£15.44
27/05/2020Wager £200 Get 200 Free Spins£20.00£12.56£4.56
27/05/2020100% Matched Bonus + 200 Free Spins£102.00£51.67£106.56
28/05/2020500 Free Spins Refund-£5.67£29.16£100.89
31/05/20205 Free Spins (Slots)£3.02£0.48£103.91
31/05/2020£5 Get £1 Bonus (Slots)£4.00£0.77£107.91
01/06/20201 Free Spin (Slots)£0.02£0.09£107.93
01/06/2020100% Matched Bonus£8.40£24.01£116.33
02/06/20201 Free Spin (Slots)£0.32£0.09£116.65
03/06/2020Free Gift£16.25£4.95£132.90
03/06/202070 Free Spins + £20 Risk-Free bet£4.10£21.33£137.00
08/06/2020Wager £10 Get 30 Free Spins£3.00£5.72£140.00
09/06/2020Wager £100 Get 100 Free Spins£0.40£9.52£140.40
10/06/2020Wager £300 Get 300 Free Spins-£2.95£19.53£137.45
15/06/2020Free Gift£0.55£4.95£138.00
15/06/2020Second Deposit Offer£2.50£9.95£140.50
15/06/2020100% Matched Bonus£230.00£5.48£370.50
17/06/20205 Free Spins & Wager £5 Get 10 Free Spins (Slots)-£1.14£1.11£369.36
17/06/2020Wager £5 Get 5 Free Spins (Slots)-£4.46£0.32£364.90

We managed to get through 22 offers and out of these, only 5 resulted in a loss. Our biggest win was £230.00 on a 100% matched bonus and biggest loss was £32.68.

As you can see from the expected value listed in our results, we were having a spot of good luck, making £130.45 more than the value of the offers. This evens out over time and we would still have been happy with £234.45 EV from the offers.

We spent a month using the service and we generally worked on 2-3 offers at a time. Sometimes this meant tying up £200-£300 at a time depending on the type of offer.

It can take several days to receive funds back into your bank account after verifying ID, so this is worth bearing in mind if you are using a smaller bank.

Review Summary

We were genuinely impressed by Bonus Accumulator and how easy it was to make a profit using the service.

As stated in our introduction, we thought that it may be difficult due to having a lot of our main bookmaker accounts bonus banned already. That wasn't the case!

There were plenty of offers to work through at casinos that we hadn't come across before and some that we had heard of but hadn't looked at.

Bonus Accumulator makes it simple to get your head around the terms and conditions for bonuses, as they are broken down into simple steps with the best way to get the most out of the offers.

We can't imagine how much extra time it would take to source out these offers on our own and have to study T&Cs to make sure we do everything right.

This service does all of that for you so that you can get down to the important thing - making money!

We are happy to recommend Bonus Accumulator and we have awarded a "pass" rating.

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2 thoughts on “Bonus Accumulator Review: Unlock The Profits Of Casino Offers”

  1. Hey, what’s the difference between Profit Accumulator and Bonus Accumulator? Does PA not include casino anymore?

    A second Q: Profit Maximiser has low risk and high risk casino bonuses. What’s the difference between Bonus Accumulator and Profit Maximiser? Profit Maximiser also includes sports and costs £100 instead of £150, which seems better value.

    • Hi Mick, Profit Accumulator does still include casino offers, however there are more available on Bonus Accumulator.

      Profit Maximiser also includes casino offers. There are quite a few similar services knocking about, some offering better value than others. We don’t have access to Profit Maximiser anymore so cannot check whether the same offers are listed, but we did find that there are some on Bonus Accumulator that are not listed at Oddsmonkey.

      It’s a case of using the site that is right for you, whether it’s the design and ease of finding what you need, price, how up to date the offers are, training materials etc etc.


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