The Wizard Of Big Odds Review: Trial Two

The Wizard Of Big Odds Review

The Wizard of Big Odds is a horse racing tipster service which focuses on finding value in high priced horses.

The "Wizard" fell in love with the sport as a youngster and after spending some time working in a bookmakers, he decided to gamble professionally for a living.

He claimed to have done very well doing this for many years and was one of the original Betfair 500 who were hit with the premium charge of 40% on winnings. After being restricted at most bookmakers, he decided to start tipping horses for a living.

Interestingly, he also bought a racehorse for himself last year (C'est No Mour) and it went on to win over £31,000 in prize money.

Since joining the Tipsters Empire platform in July 2018, he had recorded a profit of £2,865.22 to £10 stakes at a very impressive ROI of 43.4% at the time we started our review.

As many of the tips were priced at high odds, the strike rate for the service was quite low at 14.7%, so we knew it was going to be a case of patiently waiting for the big wins to come in. 

Tips were available via a text message which has a link to the member's area, where there is more information behind why the Wizard chose the selection. Alternatively, they could be received by email.

A starting bank of 150 points was advised and stakes were advised with each selection.

We seemed to hit a bad patch during our first trial of the service and we ended up awarding a fail rating. However, Tipster's Empire have since asked us to take another look at the service, as they say the tipster made a great job of bouncing back.

In total, they reported a profit of 271 points at an ROI of 34% for 2019 and 9 out of the 12 months were profitable. The tipster even managed to hit a 100/1 winner and two 50/1 winners within one year.

We will be tracking tips for the service in a second trial over the next few months to see if there is any proof in the pudding.

Before you continue...

Our Wizard of Big Odds review ended with a fail rating.

Please feel free to continue reading the full review below, though we recommend checking out some of the betting system reviews which ended in a pass instead. There's a small selection below or you can click here for the full list.

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Trial 1: Month One Results

It was an interesting start to our review of The Wizard of Big Odds service. It was a winning month but we had trouble getting the advised odds which had an effect on the amount of profit that we were able to make.

At the advised odds we would have made a profit of 8.75 points, whereas at the available odds we only made 2.15 points profit. It would have perhaps been better just betting at Betfair SP as this would have resulted in 7.76 points profit. 

There was an important announcement made by the service that it was now going to be closed to new members so that there is more of a chance for existing members to attain the advertised odds. There is now a waiting list to subscribe to the service.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets747474
Total Stakes (pts)76.0076.0076.00
Profit/Loss (pts)8.752.157.76
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£87.50£21.50£77.60
Strike Rate12.2%12.2%12.2%
Overall Bank Growth5.8%1.4%5.2%
Bank (150pt starting)158.75152.15157.76


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
10/05/20193.10 AscotSHORTER SKIRT2.00NO10.00-2.00148.00
10/05/20195.15 ChesterNEVER SURRENDER1.00NO9.50-1.00147.00
10/05/20197.40 WolvesLOTHARIO1.00NO6.50-1.00146.00
10/05/20197.50 NottinghamNOBLE PEACE2.00YES23.00-2.00144.00
11/05/20192.50 AscotWHAT ABOUT CARLO0.50NO11.00-0.50143.50
11/05/20192.55 NottinghamTUSCAN PEARL1.00NO29.00-1.00142.50
11/05/20193.25 AscotEXISTENTIAL0.50NO12.00-0.50142.00
11/05/20193.40 LingfieldSHEPHERD MARKET0.50NO23.00-0.50141.50
13/05/20192.30 MusselburghLORD OF THE GLEN1.00NO11.00-1.00140.50
13/05/20193.45 KemptonPANIC AND RUN0.50NO6.50-0.50140.00
13/05/20195.20 WindsorTIAR NA NOG1.00NO9.508.50148.50
14/05/20192.00 ChepstowGERANIUM0.50NO11.00-0.50148.00
14/05/20194.00 ChepstowLOVE TO BREEZE1.00NO6.50-1.00147.00
14/05/20198.10 SouthwellSHE’S GINA1.00NO8.007.00154.00
15/05/20193.10 YarmouthVOI1.00NO5.004.00158.00
15/05/20195.05 YorkWINGED SPUR1.00NO19.00-1.00157.00
15/05/20195.25 BathLILY OF YEAR2.00NO5.50-2.00155.00
16/05/20196.55 NewmarketBLAZING SADDLES1.00NO9.00-1.00154.00
17/05/20192.35 NewmarketSEA FOX0.50NO8.50-0.50153.50
17/05/20193.45 NewmarketFIRE JET1.00NO10.00-1.00152.50
18/05/20191.50 NewburyKONCHEK1.00NO12.00-1.00151.50
18/05/20193.00 NewburySINJAARI1.00NO5.00-1.00150.50
19/05/20193.10 RiponZALMI ANGEL2.00YES21.00-2.00148.50
20/05/20192.45 CarlisleUNCLE CHARLIE0.50NO7.00-0.50148.00
20/05/20193.15 CarlisleGHAYYAR1.00NO6.50-1.00147.00
20/05/20194.35 RedcarROSY RYAN0.50NO15.00-0.50146.50
21/05/20193.05 BrightonMELO PEARL0.50NO23.00-0.50146.00
21/05/20193.15 NottinghamGOD HAS GIVEN1.00NO12.00-1.00145.00
21/05/20194.35 WolvesCORINTHIAN STAR1.50NO26.00-1.50143.50
22/05/20198.25 KemptonLAUBERHORN ROCKET1.00NO12.00-1.00142.50
23/05/20191.40 LingfieldGIVEPEACEACHANCE1.00NO5.00-1.00141.50
23/05/20196.00 SandownSEA TIDE2.00YES34.00-2.00139.50
23/05/20198.40 SandownHISTORY WRITER1.00NO4.00-1.00138.50
24/05/20197.00 PontefractFLOWER POWER2.00YES23.00-2.00136.50
24/05/20198.10 WorcesterOUTLAW JACK1.00YES19.00-1.00135.50
25/05/20192.25 CurraghSHORE STEP1.00NO13.00-1.00134.50
25/05/20193.00 CurraghCHESSMAN1.00NO10.00-1.00133.50
25/05/20194.10 CurraghRED TEA1.50NO7.00-1.50132.00
25/05/20197.50 SalisburyTWENTY YEARS ON1.00NO23.0022.00154.00
26/05/20192.25 UttoxeterGLORIOUS BORU0.50NO9.00-0.50153.50
26/05/20195.05 UttoxeterIRON HORSE1.00NO6.505.50159.00
27/05/20194.10 RedcarTHOMAS CRAMNER1.00NO19.00-1.00158.00
27/05/20194.55 ChelmsfordSWORD EXCEED0.50NO21.0010.00168.00
27/05/20195.25 WindsorROCK THE CRADLE0.50YES29.001.15169.15
27/05/20195.55 RedcarSEABOROUGH0.50NO11.00-0.50168.65
28/05/20195.00 BrightonMONT KIARA1.50NO9.00-1.50167.15
28/05/20197.10 SouthwellHANS SOLO BERGER1.00NO10.00-1.00166.15
29/05/20194.55 HamiltonPRESERVATION1.00NO15.00-1.00165.15
29/05/20198.25 CartmelRICHARD STRAUSS1.00NO9.00-1.00164.15
30/05/20194.00 LingfieldCROMWELL2.00NO17.00-2.00162.15
30/05/20195.20 YarmouthCLUB TROPICANA1.00NO11.009.00171.15
30/05/20195.50 WetherbyCUES FOLLY1.00NO13.00-1.00170.15
31/05/20194.30 EpsomMANUELA DE VEGA1.00YES12.00-1.00169.15
31/05/20194.10 WolvesKODIAC LASS0.50NO8.00-0.50168.65
01/06/20194.05 WorcesterSOLIGHOSTER1.00NO17.00-1.00167.65
01/06/20195.30 MussleburghBAYDAR1.00NO5.00-1.00166.65
01/06/20195.50 EpsomHELVETIAN0.50NO13.00-0.50166.15
02/06/20193.20 NottinghamHTILOMINIO1.50NO5.00-1.50164.65
02/06/20193.55 NottinghamSAVANNAH1.00NO8.00-1.00163.65
04/06/20195.40 LingfieldREDDIAC1.00NO15.00-1.00162.65
04/06/20196.20 NewcastleRESTIVE1.00NO13.00-1.00161.65
05/06/201912.30 NottinghamROSE HIP0.50NO8.003.50165.15
05/06/20192.00 NottinghamEBBISHAM1.00NO10.00-1.00164.15
05/06/20193.45 NottinghamCOASTAL CYCLONE1.00NO9.50-1.00163.15
05/06/20197.00 RiponANNA BUNINA1.00NO11.00-1.00162.15
06/06/20194.00 HamiltonSET IN STONE1.00NO11.00-1.00161.15
06/06/20194.10 HaydockBENGALI BOYS1.00NO10.00-1.00160.15
07/06/20196.10 BathRAINBOW SPIRIT1.00NO26.00-1.00159.15
07/06/20198.50 BathTEST VALLEY2.00NO17.00-2.00157.15
08/06/20193.00 HaydockDAVE DEXTER2.00NO13.00-2.00155.15
08/06/20194.15 ChelmsfordUDONTDODOU0.50NO21.00-0.50154.65
08/06/20195.20 HaydockRED BRAVO1.00NO10.00-1.00153.65
08/06/20195.35 NewmarketINFRASTRUCTURE0.50NO6.50-0.50153.15
09/06/20195.15 GoodwoodCITY WANDERER1.00NO10.00-1.00152.15

Trial 1: Month Two Results

The second month of our Wizard of Big Odds review was a losing month at the advised odds with a total of 12.3 points lost. Even if we could have matched the advised odds, it would have been a poor month with just 2.5 points profit.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets545454
Total Stakes (pts)65.565.565.5
Profit/Loss (pts)2.50-12.30-15.55
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£25.00-£123.00-£155.50
Strike Rate13.00%13.00%13.00%
Overall Bank Growth7.5%-6.8%-5.2%
Bank (150pt starting)161.25139.85142.21


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
10/06/20196.00 LeicesterAIR HAIR LAIR1.50NO21.00-1.50150.65
10/06/20196.35 PontefractGENERAL ALLENBY2.00YES21.00-2.00148.65
11/06/20192.00 LingfieldGOLDEN DEAL1.00NO11.00-1.00147.65
11/06/20199.00 CarlisleLE MUSEE2.00NO2.88-2.00145.65
12/06/20193.20 HaydockINDY1.00YES34.00-1.00144.65
12/06/20195.20 HaydockMAGIC SHIP0.50YES51.00-0.50144.15
12/06/20195.30 HamiltonHAVANA GO1.00NO13.00-1.00143.15
13/06/20194.20 NottinghamJOHN JOINER2.00YES21.003.00146.15
14/06/20195.25 SandownTWENTY YEARS ON0.50NO8.00-0.50145.65
14/06/20198.15 GoodwoodMAYFAIR MADAME0.50NO15.00-0.50145.15
15/06/20191.45 BathHAPPY ENDING1.00NO29.00-1.00144.15
17/06/20193.30 CarlisleSHOWBOATING0.50NO19.00-0.50143.65
18/06/20195.00 Royal AscotTIME TO STUDY1.50NO29.00-1.50142.15
18/06/20192.10 ThirskGROUPIE1.00NO5.50-1.00141.15
18/06/20195.35 ROYAL ASCOTFIRST NATION2.00NO15.00-2.00139.15
18/06/20195.45 ThirskVIMY RIDGE0.50NO15.00-0.50138.65
19/06/20195.00 Royal AscotMITCHUM SWAGGER2.00YES34.00-2.00136.65
19/06/20195.35 ROYAL ASCOTIFFRAAZ0.50NO15.00-0.50136.15
19/06/20196.40 ChelmsfordPAPA STOUR1.00NO7.00-1.00135.15
21/06/20193.30 Market RasenDIAMOND ROSE1.00NO9.008.00143.15
21/06/20195.00 Royal AscotSPANISH ARIA2.00YES23.00-2.00141.15
23/06/20193.05 SouthwellOUTLAW JACK0.50NO15.00-0.50140.65
23/06/20193.35 SouthwellTHE VOLLAN1.00NO13.009.00149.65
23/06/20195.15 SouthwellSCORPION SEA2.00YES21.00-2.00147.65
23/06/20195.40 PontefractUNCLE CHARLIE1.00YES15.00-1.00146.65
24/06/20196.00 WolvesHAYWARD FIELD1.00YES21.001.50148.15
24/06/20197.30 WolvesFREEDOM AND WHEAT1.00NO4.50-1.00147.15
24/06/20198.00 WolvesARLECCHINO’S LEAP1.50NO7.50-1.50145.65
25/06/20194.15 BrightonHARBOUR WATCH1.00NO21.00-1.00144.65
25/06/20195.15 BrightonKIOWA1.00NO21.00-1.00143.65
26/06/20193.50 SalisburyBRANCASTER1.00NO17.00-1.00142.65
26/06/20195.15 KemptonJEANETTE MAY1.00NO19.00-1.00141.65
26/06/20197.50 KemptonJELLMOOD2.00NO15.00-2.00139.65
27/06/20195.20 NottinghamBATTLE OF MARATHON1.00NO9.00-1.00138.65
27/06/20196.45 CurraghMING2.00NO7.00-2.00136.65
28/06/20193.05 YarmouthSPRING RUN2.00YES11.00-2.00134.65
29/06/20194.10 NewcastleTOP NOTCH TONTO2.00NO5.50-2.00132.65
29/06/20198.45 LingfieldAIR HAIR LAIR2.00NO10.00-2.00130.65
29/06/20195.40 YorkTHOMAS CRAMNER1.00NO15.00-1.00129.65
30/06/20192.35 CartmelJOHN CONSTABLE1.00NO5.00-1.00128.65
30/06/20195.00 WindsorC’EST NO MOUR1.00NO3.50-1.00127.65
01/07/20196.30 CatterickALFRED THE GREY1.00YES12.00-1.00126.65
01/07/20198.45 WindsorCOPAL1.00NO6.00-1.00125.65
02/07/20194.00 BrightonFOUR MILE BRIDGE1.00YES26.002.00127.65
02/07/20194.30 BrightonMELO PEARL1.00YES13.000.70128.35
03/07/20194.30 MussleburghKING OF NAPLES1.00NO7.50-1.00127.35
03/07/20195.35 MussleburghHAYWARD FIELD0.50NO13.00-0.50126.85
03/07/20195.40 ThirskGROUPIE2.00NO15.00-2.00124.85
04/07/20198.00 NewburySHORTER SKIRT2.00NO11.0020.00144.85
05/07/20191.50 SandownTINTO1.50NO6.50-1.50143.35
05/07/20198.40 ChelmsfordPERIPHERIQUE0.50NO12.00-0.50142.85
06/07/20194.35 ChelmsfordCITY MASTER1.00NO5.00-1.00141.85
06/07/20195.10 ChelmsfordPHILAMUNDU1.00NO5.00-1.00140.85
09/07/20195.00 WolvesBARTIMAEUS1.00YES7.00-1.00139.85

Trial 1: Month Three Results

It was a poor end to our review of The Wizard of Big Odds with a loss of 45.05 points and just 5 bets returning a profit out of a total of 58.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets585858
Total Stakes (pts)70.570.570.5
Profit/Loss (pts)-42.85-45.05-45.25
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£428.50-£450.50-£452.50
Strike Rate8.6%8.6%8.6%
Overall Bank Growth-21.1%-36.8%-35.4%
Bank (150pt starting)118.4094.8096.96


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
10/07/20192.10 LingfieldCROMWELL1.00NO8.50-1.00138.85
10/07/20193.20 YarmouthAUSTRALIS0.50NO5.00-0.50138.35
10/07/20195.45 KemptonALEXANDRIA0.50NO8.50-0.50137.85
10/07/20198.45 KemptonRED BRAVO1.00NO13.00-1.00136.85
11/07/20194.40 NewmarketBELL ROCK1.00NO21.00-1.00135.85
12/07/20191.50 NewmarketGOOD BIRTHDAY1.00NO8.50-1.00134.85
12/07/20193.00 NewmarketMANJAAM0.50YES34.00-0.50134.35
12/07/20193.45 YorkTHOMAS CRAMNER1.50NO8.00-1.50132.85
12/07/20194.45 NewmarketRUM RUNNER1.00NO15.00-1.00131.85
13/07/20191.45 AscotROYAL BIRTH1.00NO17.00-1.00130.85
13/07/20193.30 NewmarketRIPP ORF1.50NO17.00-1.50129.35
13/07/20194.40 NewmarketDREAM OF DREAMS2.00NO5.50-2.00127.35
16/07/20195.40 NottinghamMAGHFOOR2.00NO10.00-2.00125.35
17/07/20194.00 CatterickNUTOPIA2.00YES34.00-2.00123.35
17/07/20195.10 LingfieldENGLISHMAN1.00NO21.00-1.00122.35
17/07/20196.55 WolvesUNCLE BERNIE1.00YES34.00-1.00121.35
18/07/20194.00 ChepstowKIOWA1.00NO15.00-1.00120.35
19/07/20196.00 HamiltonSET IN STONE1.00NO5.004.00124.35
19/07/20198.25 NewmarketSHORTER SKIRT2.00NO6.00-2.00122.35
20/07/20193.50 NewmarketALTERNATIVE FACT1.00NO8.50-1.00121.35
20/07/20195.10 CurraghANTONIO DE VEGA1.00NO13.00-1.00120.35
20/07/20197.45 DoncasterBREATH OF AIR1.00NO9.00-1.00119.35
20/07/20198.30 HaydockMAYFAIR MADAME1.00NO9.00-1.00118.35
20/07/20198.45 DoncasterCORMIER1.50NO7.50-1.50116.85
22/07/20195.45 WindsorCLOSER THAN CLOSE0.50NO9.00-0.50116.35
22/07/20195.45 WindsorANOTHER APPROACH0.50NO17.00-0.50115.85
22/07/20195.55 BeverleySPRING RUN1.00NO10.00-1.00114.85
22/07/20197.50 WindsorSPANISH ARIA2.00NO5.00-2.00112.85
23/07/20192.00 MussleburghMOLLY MAI1.50NO6.50-1.50111.35
23/07/20194.45 WolvesGATES PASS1.00YES12.00-1.00110.35
23/07/20196.50 ChelmsfordPHILAMUNDO2.00NO5.50-2.00108.35
23/07/20197.10 SouthwellWHY LIE1.00YES29.002.30110.65
24/07/20192.50 LingfieldPIVELLO1.50NO7.50-1.50109.15
24/07/20195.40 LeicesterWINKLEMANN0.50NO5.502.25111.40
25/07/20195.20 YarmouthREDDIAC1.00NO5.00-1.00110.40
26/07/20194.45 AscotKICK ON KICK ON2.00NO13.00-2.00108.40
26/07/20195.45 ChepstowBALATA BAY1.00NO12.00-1.00107.40
26/07/20198.15 ChepstowAUSSIE BREEZE1.00YES34.00-1.00106.40
27/07/20192.25 AscotSASH2.00NO9.00-2.00104.40
27/07/20192.50 NewmarketGREAT ORDER1.00NO10.00-1.00103.40
27/07/20195.00 ChesterTOR2.00NO9.00-2.00101.40
29/07/20196.50 Ffos LasENGLISHMAN1.50NO11.00-1.5099.90
29/07/20197.40 GalwayMR EVEREST1.00NO9.00-1.0098.90
29/07/20198.20 WindsorCROMWELL1.50NO8.00-1.5097.40
30/07/20191.50 GoodwoodMASTER THE WORLD1.00YES41.00-1.0096.40
30/07/20195.15 GoodwoodCLARA PEETERS1.00NO9.00-1.0095.40
31/07/20195.55 GoodwoodCLIFFS OF CAPRI2.00YES23.003.4098.80
31/07/20197.10 SandownALTERNATIVE FACT2.00NO9.50-2.0096.80
01/08/20193.25 NottinghamSHOWBOATING2.00YES26.00-2.0094.80
02/08/20193.10 WolvesSMOKI SMOKA0.50NO-0.5094.30
02/08/20197.30 NewmarketRUM RUNNER1.00NO9.008.00102.30
03/08/20193.25 ThirskVON BLUCHER1.00NO13.00-1.00101.30
03/08/20195.25 GoodwoodYOU’RE HIRED1.00YES12.00-1.00100.30
03/08/20196.05 LingfieldARDIMENTO1.00NO4.00-1.0099.30
03/08/20195.15 Doncaster/8.50 HamiltonAPERITIF/SET IN STONE1.00NO-1.0098.30
08/08/20192.00 HaydockSOOTABILITY1.50NO12.00-1.5096.80
08/08/20192.20 YarmouthEXNING QUEEN1.00NO11.00-1.0095.80
09/08/20198.25 HaydockHELIAN1.00NO10.00-1.0094.80

Review Summary

We had great expectations of The Wizard of Big Odds service when we started our review three months ago. The stats seemed very impressive and we had always found Tipster's Empire services to be honest and transparent with results.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a bit of a let down. Not only did we lose just over a third of our betting bank, we found it a real struggle to bet at the odds advised in the emails. Because of this, we lost just under 24 points more betting at the available odds.

The advised odds were rarely available and with the higher priced selections inparticular, we found the odds had often fallen dramatically. For example, we had horses tipped at 40/1 drop right down to 25/1, which would definitely have a big effect on our bottom line in the long run. 

The tipster does appear to know his field well, providing detailed write-ups with every selection. The fact that the odds were dropping as soon as his emails went out could well mean that he is on to something, or the bookes are on to him!

There was an attempt to sort the problem out by closing the service to new members, but it hasn't seemed to have made much of a difference so far.

Sadly we won't be recommending The Wizard of Odds on this occasion.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets186186186
Total Stakes (pts)212.00212.00212.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-31.6-55.2-53.04
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£316.00-£552.00-£530.40
Strike Rate11.3%11.3%11.3%
Overall Bank Growth-21.1%-36.8%-35.4%
Bank (150pt starting)118.4094.8096.96
Review Stats-55.2pts profit, -26% ROI, 11.3% SR
Stakes Advised between 0.5 and 2 points
Starting bank 150 points
Average no. betsApprox. 60 per month
Time of emailsMorning 9.00am
Price£40 per month, £105 per quarter or £350 per year

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In our Wizard of Big Odds review we tracked horse racing tips in a live trial over a three month period. See our results and find out if we made a profit here.

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