Pay Per Profit Review: Profitable Horse Racing Betting Tips

Pay Per Profit is a new type of horse racing betting service which is offered by the PuntHub team.

The idea is that you pay to take part in one round of betting which has a 15 point profit target. Once the 15 points have been banked, a new round begins and you can choose whether you wish to follow it or not.

When we started our review, the service had successfully completed three rounds, so we started with round four.

After three more successful rounds of betting and 57.23 points profit at 45.1% ROI, we are happy to recommend the service and we have awarded a "pass" rating. Click here to get started with Pay Per Profit.


All bets are sent via the Telegram instant messaging app which can be downloaded on PC, smartphones and tablets. Each round costs just £25 to enter, so based on using £10 stakes you can expect to make £125 profit.

Note: Entry fee has increased to £40 from round 6 onwards, capped for the next 6 rounds.

The bets are split into three groups in order to make the service more accessible:

  1. Morning Bets
  2. Evening Before Racing
  3. Late/Live

To give you an idea of timescales for the different groups, here are some figures for rounds 1 and 2:

  • Round 1 of 'Evening Bets' took 14 bets over a 22-day period to reach a total of 19 points profit (31.5 staked, 62% ROI).
  • Round 2 of 'Evening Bets' took just 8 days with 4/4 winners making a total of 15 points profit (7.25 staked, 206.9% ROI).
  • Round 1 of 'Late/Live' took 20 bets over a 31-day period to reach a total of 18 points profit (45.5 staked, 40.73% ROI).

For our review, we decided to follow the 'Evening Bets' group and post updates whenever a round was completed.

Update One (Round Four)

This round of 'Evening Bets' took 34 days to complete from a total of 15 bets.

The target had almost been met on the 14th bet, then a 16/1 winner sealed the deal to secure a total profit of 22.73 points.

It worked out as £202.30 profit to £10 stakes after subtracting the £25 entry fee.

Key Stats - Update One (Round Four)
Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets1515
Round Duration34 days34 days
Total Stakes (pts)2626
Profit/Loss (pts)22.7322.73
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£227.30£227.30
Average Odds7.617.58
Strike Rate40.00%40.00%
Results - Update One (Round Four)
DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LTotal
05/02/2019Market Rasen 14:55Muratello2.00NO2.50-2.00-2.00
09/02/2019Naas 15:10Scoir Mear2.00YES6.00-2.00-4.00
13/02/2019Kempton 19:45Moon of Baroda2.00NO3.00-2.00-6.00
14/02/2019Chelmsford 19:30Juanito Chico1.00YES9.00-1.00-7.00
14/02/2019Chelmsford 19:30Juanito Chico0.50NO9.00-0.50-7.50
15/02/2019Sandown 13:20Not Another Muddle2.00NO2.633.25-4.25
16/02/2019Ascot 15:20Getaway Trump2.50NO4.00-2.50-6.75
20/02/2019Wolverhampton 19:00Murdanova2.00YES6.501.75-5.00
26/02/2019Wolverhampton 19:30Lord Lamington2.00YES7.00-2.00-7.00
27/02/2019Kempton 19:00Rampant Lion2.00YES8.008.751.75
06/03/2019Catterick 15:50Pull Together2.00YES6.00-2.00-0.25
09/03/2019Sandown 13:50Boldmere1.00YES17.00-1.00-1.25
09/03/2019Sandown 15:35Commodore2.00YES7.006.485.23
10/03/2019Naas 15:15Gallant John Joe2.00YES9.007.5012.73
10/03/2019Warwick 14:50Avantgardist1.00YES17.0010.0022.73

Update Two (Round Five)

This round of 'Evening Bets' banked 16.49 points profit from 42 bets over 37 days.

It worked out as £139.90 profit to £10 stakes after subtracting the £25 entry fee.

At this point, our total for the review was up to £342.20 profit.

Key Stats - Update Two (Round Five)
Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets4242
Round Duration37 days37 days
Total Stakes (pts)82.582.5
Profit/Loss (pts)16.9516.49
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£169.50£164.90
Average Odds8.238.22
Strike Rate38.1%38.1%
Results - Update Two (Round Five)
DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LTotal
15/03/2019Cheltenham 14:50Birchdale2.00NO6.50-2.00-2.00
15/03/2019Cheltenham 17:30Early Doors2.00YES8.008.406.40
17/03/2019Down Royal 18:00Arthur's Baby1.00YES15.00-1.005.40
19/03/2019Wetherby 14:10Snookered2.00YES11.00-2.003.40
19/03/2019Wetherby 15:50No Trumps2.00YES7.00-2.001.40
20/03/2019Chepstow 16:00Sainlouis Des Pres2.00YES9.00-2.00-0.60
20/03/2019Chepstow 16:00Sainlouis Des Pres1.00YES15.00-1.00-1.60
24/03/2019Exeter 15:15Espoir De Teilee3.00YES10.001.20-0.40
27/03/2019Market Rasen 16:20Faithful Mount2.00NO7.00-2.00-2.40
27/03/2019Market Rasen 15:45Earlshill2.00YES7.50-2.00-4.40
29/03/2019Lingfield 15:35El Ghazwani2.00NO4.006.001.60
29/03/2019Newcastle 17:55Nevada2.00NO4.33-2.00-0.40
29/03/2019Newcastle 19:30Lawmaking2.00YES7.00-2.00-2.40
30/03/2019Kempton 15:15Forbidden Planet2.00NO5.509.006.60
31/03/2019Ascot 14:45Groveman1.00YES21.001.758.35
31/03/2019Doncaster 16:20Hulcote2.00YES8.000.198.54
31/03/2019Doncaster 17:30Grandscape2.00YES8.000.408.94
01/04/2019Newcastle 19:15Shezanarab1.00YES21.00-1.007.94
01/04/2019Chelmsford 16:10Mustadun2.00NO4.00-2.005.94
01/04/2019Chelmsford 16:45Rock Up In Style2.00YES5.50-2.003.94
01/04/2019Ludlow 15:20Court Royale4.00YES4.507.4411.38
02/04/2019Wolverhampton 19:00Eagles By Day4.00NO1.72-4.007.38
03/04/2019Market Rasen 14:30Harambe2.00NO2.252.509.88
04/04/2019Aintree 15:25Buveur Dair3.00NO1.91-3.006.88
05/04/2019Sedgefield 14:10Weapon of Choice1.00YES13.00-1.005.88
06/04/2019Aintree 14:25Brewinupastorm2.00NO3.75-2.003.88
09/04/2019Exeter 16:40Saturdaynightfever1.00YES12.00-1.002.88
09/04/2019Exeter 15:40Blackmill1.00YES13.007.5010.38
09/04/2019Southwell 14:20Scartare2.00YES6.500.3810.76
10/04/2019Lingfield 17:00Apache Blaze2.00YES6.50-2.008.76
11/04/2019Limerick 17:55Bee a Beneficiary4.00YES3.00-4.004.76
15/04/2019Windsor 17:00Sauchiehall Street2.00YES7.00-2.002.76
15/04/2019Windsor 16:30Run After Genisis1.50NO3.75-1.501.26
16/04/2019Exeter 15:50Bertie Boru1.00YES17.00-1.000.26
16/04/2019Exeter 17:35Grumpy Charlie2.00YES8.000.400.66
17/04/2019Cheltenham 14:40Mr Whitaker2.00YES5.505.406.06
17/04/2019Cheltenham 15:15Rather Be2.00YES11.00-2.004.06
17/04/2019Beverley 16:00City Tour3.00YES4.33-3.001.06
20/04/2019Haydock 15:15Sunnytahliateigan1.00YES15.00-1.000.06
20/04/2019Haydock 14:40Mahlermade1.00YES10.005.405.46
20/04/2019Kempton 16:50Eden Rose2.00YES5.505.4010.86
20/04/2019Nottingham 18:05Juanito Chico2.00YES5.505.6316.49

Update Three (Round Six)

This round of 'Evening Bets' took 39 days to complete and gave us a profit of 18.01 points from 70 bets.

The entry fee increased to £40 this month, so it worked out as £140.10 profit to £10 stakes after subtracting the fee.

Key Stats - Update Three (Round Six)
Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets7070
Round Duration39 days39 days
Total Stakes (pts)157.00157.00
Profit/Loss (pts)16.5318.01
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£165.30£180.10
Average Odds5.355.44
Strike Rate38.6%38.6%
Results - Update Three (Round Six)
DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LTotal
26/04/2019Perth 2.05Christmas in April2.00YES5.50-2.00-2.00
26/04/2019Bangor 4.40Smugglers Blues2.00YES4.003.751.75
27/04/2019Haydock 4.20This Girl2.00YES5.50-2.00-0.25
27/04/2019Leicester 3.55Luckys Dream2.00YES7.50-2.00-2.25
27/04/2019Wolverhampton 7.00Image of the Moon2.00YES5.00-0.20-2.45
29/04/2019Thirsk 5.40Desert Lion2.00NO2.50-2.00-4.45
01/05/2019Ascot 4.25Canvassed3.00YES5.00-3.00-7.45
03/05/2019Chepstow 1.45Consultant2.00NO2.75-2.00-9.45
03/05/2019Chepstow 2.45Shifting Gold2.00YES8.00-2.00-11.45
03/05/2019Chepstow 3.50Eye of the Water2.00NO3.75-2.00-13.45
04/05/2019Goodwood 4.55London Eye2.00NO2.10-2.00-15.45
04/05/2019Goodwood 1.35Cristal Spirit2.00NO4.33-2.00-17.45
04/05/2019Doncaster 7.50Mugatoo2.00NO5.008.00-9.45
04/05/2019NewmarketSet Piece1.00YES26.00-1.00-10.45
06/05/2019Beverley 4.50Crowthorpe2.00NO3.00-2.00-12.45
06/05/2019Windsor 3.10Hummdinger2.00NO3.254.50-7.95
08/05/2019Southwell 7.35Spar Grove2.00NO4.00-2.00-9.95
08/05/2019Chester 5.05Gin In The Inn2.00YES7.00-2.00-11.95
08/05/2019Fontwell 5.10Its for Alan1.00YES29.008.40-3.55
09/05/2019Chester 4.35Lariat2.00YES6.500.10-3.45
10/05/20198.10 WolvesAnna Burina2.00NO4.00-2.00-5.45
11/05/20192.30 LingfieldCap Francais2.00YES5.00-2.00-7.45
14/05/2019Sedgefield 2.10Zabeel Star2.00NO3.25-2.00-9.45
15/05/2019York 1.50Fujaira Prince4.00YES5.500.25-9.20
15/05/2019York 3.35Sparkle Roll2.00NO3.50-2.00-11.20
15/05/2019York 5.05Starcaster2.00NO4.507.00-4.20
16/05/2019York 3.00Surfman2.00YES8.500.50-3.70
17/05/2019Newbury 5.30Biotic2.00YES10.00-2.00-5.70
17/05/2019York 5.05Summer Moon2.00YES5.004.20-1.50
18/05/2019Newmarket 4.25Spanish City2.00NO2.63-2.00-3.50
18/05/2019Doncaster 18.35Gallic2.00NO3.50-2.00-5.50
18/05/2019Doncaster 7.05Black Lotus2.00NO3.504.75-0.75
20/05/2019Ludlow 2.20Stephanie Sunshine2.00NO3.25-2.00-2.75
20/05/2019Ludlow 3.25Robyndzone2.00NO3.00-2.00-4.75
20/05/20196.00 WindsorLove Love3.00YES4.50-0.45-5.20
21/05/20192.20 WolverhamptonEye of the Water2.00YES5.500.13-5.07
21/05/20194.00 WolverhamptonBalladeer2.00NO3.00-2.00-7.07
21/05/20197.40 HuntingdonExtreme Appeal2.00NO3.25-2.00-9.07
22/05/20193.55 WarwickMister Universam3.00YES6.500.00-9.07
22/05/2019Yarmouth 3.15The Resdev Way2.00YES5.505.40-3.67
22/05/2019Yarmouth 4.15Sirius Slew2.00NO3.00-2.00-5.67
23/05/20194.20 GoodwoodGrace and Danger4.00YES4.50-4.00-9.67
23/05/2019Chelmsford 6.55Search for Light2.00YES6.00-2.00-11.67
23/05/2019Chelmsford 7.55Alhamdany2.00YES8.50-2.00-13.67
25/05/20195.30 GoodwoodNeon Sea3.00NO2.103.00-10.67
25/05/2019York 3.05Enbihaar3.00NO2.50-3.00-13.67
27/05/2019Chelmsford 3.45Canwennan2.00NO2.382.20-11.47
27/05/2019Redcar 4.10Al Muffrih2.00NO3.004.00-7.47
27/05/2019Windsor 4.50Birch Grove2.00NO4.005.40-2.07
27/05/20192.30 WindsorChampagne Highlife2.00YES7.50-2.00-4.07
28/05/20193.40 LeicesterVictory Chime2.00NO6.5011.006.93
28/05/20193.30 BrightonKingston Kurrajong2.00NO4.00-2.004.93
28/05/20196.50 AyrRosin Box2.00NO4.50-2.002.93
29/05/20198.15 WarwickCnoc Sion3.00YES10.001.884.81
29/05/20191.40 BeverleyFrida Kahlo3.00YES4.50-3.001.81
29/05/20194.40 BeverleyKodiac Pride3.00YES4.005.407.21
29/05/20192.30 HamiltonArmandiahan2.00YES5.50-2.005.21
30/05/20197.35 SandownFox Premier3.00NO3.256.7511.96
30/05/20195.00 LingfieldDashed3.00NO2.63-3.008.96
31/05/2019York 2.25Lah Ti Dah4.00YES6.00-4.004.96
31/05/20197.20 StratfordMeldrum Lad3.00YES5.007.2012.16
31/05/20197.30 DoncasterLaieth2.00NO2.75-2.0010.16
31/05/20198.30 DoncasterNavigate By Stars2.00NO2.50-2.008.16
01/06/20194.45 HexhamHighland Peak2.00YES8.000.408.56
01/06/20193.25 MusselburghDark Lochnagar2.00YES10.00-2.006.56
02/06/20195.40 NottinghamOitheclub Oi2.00NO2.633.259.81
02/06/20193.20 NottinghamHtilominolo2.00YES6.500.109.91
03/06/2019Windsor 5.30Gold Arch2.00NO2.75-2.007.91
03/06/2019Thirsk 4.15Ingleby Hollow3.00YES7.009.7217.63
03/06/20195.30 WindsorQueens Soldier3.00YES6.000.3818.01

Review Summary

We followed the Pay Per Profit service for three rounds which took just under 16 weeks to complete overall. In total we finished with £572.30 profit to £10 stakes, which worked out at £482.30 profit after subtracting the entry fees for each round.

Although the service has a profit target of 15 points for each round, we actually made more than this as you can see by the totals for each round below.

  • Round 4: +22.73pts 
  • Round 5: +16.49pts
  • Round 6 : +18.01pts
  • Total: +57.23pts

We found it easy enough to get the advised odds as often the bets were recorded at what odds were available at several bookmakers, rather than just the best price at 1 or 2 firms.

Review Stats+57.23pts profit, 45.1% ROI, 39% SR
Stakes Advised with each bet
Starting bank n/a
Average no. bets1-3 per day
Time of emailsEvenings (via Telegram app)
Price£40 per round

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  • Goal Profits Rating
  • Rated 4.5 stars

  • Pay Per Profit
  • Reviewed by:
  • Published on:
  • Last modified: 1st March 2024

During our Pay Per Profit review, there were 3 successful betting rounds, surpassing the 15 point profit target and banking an impressive 57.23 points profit.

  • Goal Profits Rating
  • Rated 4.5 stars

  • Pay Per Profit
  • Reviewed by:
  • Published on:
  • Last modified: 1st March 2024

During our Pay Per Profit review, there were 3 successful betting rounds, surpassing the 15 point profit target and banking an impressive 57.23 points profit.

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