Pay Per Profit Review: Introduction

Pay Per Profit Review

Pay Per Profit is a new type of horse racing betting service being offered by the PuntHub team. The idea is that you pay to take part in each round of betting, with each round having a 15 point profit target. Once the 15 points have been made a new round begins.

The service has just successfully completed three rounds and round four is due to start on the 1st February. The bets are split into three groups - Morning Bets, Evening Before Racing and Late/Live bets to make the service more accessible.

To give an idea of timescales for the different groups, here are some figures for rounds 1 and 2:

  • Round 1 of the evening bets took 14 bets over a 22-day period to reach a total of 19 points profit (31.5 staked, 62% ROI).
  • Round 1 of the live bets took 20 bets over a 31-day period to reach a total of 18 points profit (45.5 staked, 40.73% ROI)
  • Round 2 of the evening group took just 8 days with 4 bets and 4 winners making a total of 15 points profit (7.25 staked, 206.9% ROI)

All bets are sent via the Telegram instant messaging app which can be downloaded on PC, smartphones and tablets.

Each round costs just £25 to enter, so based on using £10 stakes you could expect to make £125 profit from each round.

We are going to be starting round four tomorrow and we will be following the Evening Bets group. We will be back with an update once the round is completed.

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