Easy Horse Race Lays Review: Betfair Betting Bot

Easy Horse Race Lays Review

Easy Horse Race Lays is an automated horse racing laying bot which claims to have a high strike rate of 84.6%.

Developed by Nigel Dove at Level Software, the published results going back 2015 showed a profit of 320.23 points based on level 1 point stakes.

Bets are placed at odds between 3.00 and 9.99, the longest losing run has been 3 bets and the longest winning sequence an impressive 24 bets.

The chart below shows profits based on £10 per point with the green line a level stake and the plum line a £10 liability stake.

Easy Horse Race Lays Review Chart

The Easy Horse Race Lays bot itself is very straightforward to set up and cloud-based, so once it's been linked to your Betfair account and your desired stakes have been entered, it can be left to run without having to leave your computer running.

During our review, we used £10 stakes and banked £214.80 profit. We have shared our full results below, or click here to get started with Easy Horse Race Lays bot.

Month One Results

Our Easy Horse Race Lays review got off to a great start with a profit of 11.9 points at an ROI of 13.8% in the first month, which is a profit of £119.00 based on using flat £10 stakes.

There were 24 lays and just 3 of them lost, which resulted in a strike rate of 87.5%.

All bets were placed just before the start of the race to be as close to BSP as possible and we used the recommended 100 point bank.

Key Stats - Month One

Number of Bets24
Total Stakes (pts)86.00
Profit/Loss (pts)11.9
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£119.00
Average Odds4.58
Strike Rate87.5%
Overall Bank Growth11.9%
Bank (100pt starting)111.90

Results - Month One

16-Jan-1919:30KemptonChica De La Noche1.004.100.951.90
16-Jan-1920:00KemptonEmbers Glow1.007.400.952.85
17-Jan-1916:10WincantonGolden Gift1.003.750.953.80
19-Jan-1914:40HaydockSilver Streak1.003.800.954.75
19-Jan-1920:15WolverhamptonCaptain Ryan1.003.150.955.70
23-Jan-1919:45KemptonEmbers Glow1.004.40-3.400.05
25-Jan-1917:45NewcastleOlympic Spirit1.004.600.952.90
30-Jan-1914:20LingfieldDawn Crusade1.003.050.954.80
01-Feb-1913:00WolverhamptonAdmirable Art1.004.700.955.75
01-Feb-1917:15NewcastleCadeau dAmour1.005.400.957.65
02-Feb-1920:15KemptonEmbers Glow1.005.700.959.55
05-Feb-1917:15NewcastleGrey Destiny1.007.000.9510.50
06-Feb-1913:50KemptonSir Ox1.003.40-2.408.10
06-Feb-1917:45WolverhamptonPhoenix Star1.006.800.959.05
13-Feb-1915:30SouthwellGrey Destiny1.004.400.9510.00
13-Feb-1918:45KemptonSir Ox1.007.000.9511.90

Month Two Results

Unfortunately, we handed back most of the profit that we had accrued in month two of our Easy Horse Race Lays review. There were 11 winning lay bets out of 18 which resulted in a loss of 10.9 points and that left our overall profit at 1 point.

Key Stats - Month Two

Number of Bets18
Total Stakes (pts)76.91
Profit/Loss (pts)-10.9
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£109.00
Average Odds5.27
Strike Rate61.1%
Overall Bank Growth1.0%
Bank (100pt starting)101.00

Results - Month Two

21-Feb-1917:40WolverhamptonColony Queen1.006.20-4.948.86
22-Feb-1913:50LingfieldKingi Compton1.003.500.959.81
25-Feb-1917:00AyrArion Sky1.006.800.954.49
26-Feb-1916:00LeicesterMidnight Mustang1.007.000.955.44
05-Mar-1914:00NewcastleArctic Road1.004.600.954.80
08-Mar-1915:25LeicesterWaikiki Waves1.003.05-1.952.86
08-Mar-1920:00NewcastleStar Cracker1.004.200.953.81
09-Mar-1917:30KemptonLegal Mind1.008.000.954.76
14-Mar-1919:30SouthwellSense Of Direction1.003.850.951.00

Month Three Results

We made a profit of 8.55 points in the third month of our Easy Horse Race Lays review.

This brought the total profit up to 9.55 points overall and, as the bot was doing most of the work for us, we decided to continue tracking results to see if the service could achieve another winning month.

Key Stats - Month Three

Number of Bets25
Total Stakes (pts)78.03
Profit/Loss (pts)8.55
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£85.50
Average Odds4.12
Strike Rate84.0%
Overall Bank Growth9.6%
Bank (100pt starting)109.55

Results - Month Three

16-Mar-1919:45WolverhamptonTour De Paris1.004.200.951.95
18-Mar-1916:15ExeterGrey Atlantic Way1.004.500.953.85
18-Mar-1916:45ExeterKavanaghs Corner1.003.600.954.80
22-Mar-1916:10MusselburghSo Satisfied1.003.350.956.70
27-Mar-1915:35LingfieldHarry Callahan1.003.450.9511.45
30-Mar-1917:25StratfordHurricane Harvey1.003.100.9514.30
06-Apr-1914:05NewcastleEcho Express1.002.980.9514.80
10-Apr-1917:45KemptonMay Sonic1.004.10-3.1012.65
10-Apr-1918:45KemptonIley Boy1.003.95-2.959.70
13-Apr-1920:00WolverhamptonAnother Reason1.004.00-3.007.65
15-Apr-1916:20PontefractCollect Call1.004.200.958.60
15-Apr-1917:10HexhamMiah Grace1.005.300.959.55

Month Four Results

The final month ended with a profit of 11.92 points to round the review off nicely.

It meant we achieved three out of four profitable months.

Key Stats - Month Four

Number of Bets37
Total Stakes (pts)132.85
Profit/Loss (pts)11.92
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£119.20
Average Odds4.59
Strike Rate83.8%
Overall Bank Growth21.5%
Bank (100pt starting)121.48

Results - Month Four

20-Apr-1916:30NottinghamYoure Cool1.006.800.9511.45
20-Apr-1919:20BrightonContingency Fee1.004.90-3.717.75
22-Apr-1913:55RedcarFragrant Dawn1.007.200.958.70
22-Apr-1916:50RedcarBlazing Dreams1.005.200.959.65
23-Apr-1914:45SedgefieldSavannah Moon1.003.700.9510.60
23-Apr-1916:35YarmouthWiff Waff1.003.550.9511.55
25-Apr-1914:35WarwickCoopers Square1.004.100.9513.45
25-Apr-1917:55WarwickO Connell Street1.004.300.9514.40
29-Apr-1915:45SouthwellBond Angel1.003.450.9515.35
01-May-1912:30SouthwellHoney Gg1.004.900.9517.25
03-May-1914:45ChepstowPoets Magic1.005.200.9520.10
03-May-1916:25ChepstowMajor Valentine1.007.800.9521.05
03-May-1916:35MusselburghJacob Black1.006.200.9522.00
04-May-1916:55GoodwoodLondon Eye1.004.800.9523.90
07-May-1917:25WetherbyMr Coco Bean1.003.450.9515.44
08-May-1916:55KelsoLlancillo Lord1.003.250.9516.39
08-May-1917:30KelsoRapid Raider1.003.450.9517.34
08-May-1918:05SouthwellRed Invader1.003.900.9518.29
08-May-1920:05SouthwellAntico Lady1.003.200.9517.01
10-May-1916:30Market RasenMisdflight1.003.250.9518.91
10-May-1920:00RiponIn Trutina1.009.600.9519.86
11-May-1913:45NottinghamBenny And The Jets1.003.750.9520.81
11-May-1918:15ThirskDandy Highwayman1.007.200.9521.76
14-May-1915:00ChepstowFlippa The Strippa1.003.30-2.1919.58
15-May-1915:45YarmouthCosmic Ray1.004.900.9520.53
15-May-1917:55BathPowerful Dream1.003.650.9521.48

Review Summary

We finished our review with a total profit of 21.48 points (5.7% ROI) and increased our 100 point starting bank by 21.5%.

We chose to use £10 stakes, so this banked a total of £214.80 profit.

Easy Horse Race Lays is certainly an apt name, as this has been one of the simplest reviews that we have ever undertaken.

It's an easy pass!

Key Stats - Overall

Number of Bets104
Total Stakes (pts)373.79
Profit/Loss (pts)21.48
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£214.80
Average Odds4.59
Strike Rate80.8%
Overall Bank Growth21.5%
Bank (100pt starting)121.48
Easy Horse Race Lays Review Graph

The Easy Horse Race Lays bot worked fine without any issues whatsoever and, after connecting it to a Betfair Exchange account, there were just a couple of settings to configure before we were up and running. 

The great thing is, you don't even have to leave your computer switched on to run the software as it is cloud-based. So, once the bot has been set to "active" it can be left to get on with placing bets without any intervention.

It also has a handy record of results that are updated automatically and they can be exported to a csv file if required.

Due to the current software price, a higher stake than £10 per point will need to be used to make it worthwhile. So be aware that you are going to need a betting bank of at least £1,000 to get started.

There is a 14 day free trial available to give the bot a test run but unfortunately there currently isn't a practice mode available.

Review Stats+21.48pts profit, 5.7% ROI, 80.8% SR
Stakes User’s discretion
Starting bank 100 points
Average no. betsApprox. 20 per month
Price14 day free trial and then £39.95 per month

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Easy Horse Race Lays is a Betfair Betting Bot that made a profit of 21.48 points at an ROI of 5.7% during our four month trial. Here is our full review.

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  1. £214 over 4 months using £10 stakes? less just under £160 subscription? Hardly worth it mate. Can think of better things to do to gain approx £13 per month without the risk

    • Hi Gavin, As stated, “Due to the current software price, a higher stake than £10 per point will need to be used to make it worthwhile.”

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