Tee And Serve Tips Review: Golf And Tennis Betting Tipster

Tee And Serve Tips is a golf and tennis tipping service from the Betting Gods platform that has been active since April 2019.

At the time of writing, the service has reported a total profit of 486.64 points at an ROI of 20.4%.This works out as an average monthly profit of £613.30 to £10 stakes. 

From experience, we have found that golf tipping services have been tricky to follow as they require a lot of patience to hit those big winners. However, as this service is also offering tennis tips there's a steadier flow of profit coming in with a win rate of around 35%.

Out of the 8 months of proofing, the service has only had 1 losing month so far which means that tipster Chris has ended the month with a profit 87.5% of the time.

Tips are sent out between 7.00-9.00am and there are on average 100 tips each month. They are available by email, through the mobile app and the member's area.

We recorded tips at the available odds over a period of five months and overall we racked up an amazing 157.25 points profit at an ROI of 11.2%!

A fantastic performance by Tee and Serve Tips and an easy "pass".

Month One Results

Our Tee And Serve Tips review got off to a bad start with a loss of 69.93 points at the available odds. Fortunately, the service had advised a large starting bank of 250 points and there was still a possibility of making a recovery. 

With the tennis season coming to an end, most of the bets in month one were on the golf and will continue to be until tennis recommences in the new year.

The service had been advising quite a lot of doubles and trebles, so a few of these winning could put things back on track.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets8585
Total Stakes (pts)220.00220.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-70.11-69.93
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£701.10-£699.30
Strike Rate22.4%22.4%
Overall Bank Growth-28.0%-28.0%
Bank (250pt starting)179.89180.07


DateEventBetStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
13/11/2019Nedbank ChallengeSmith to bt Lewis/Hend250.00
Nedbank ChallengeStenson to bt Arnaus/Lipsky250.00
Nedbank ChallengeDouble3.004.80-3.00247.00
14/11/2019ATP World Tour FinalsDjokovic to bt Federer 2-0247.00
ATP World Tour FinalsThiem to bt Berrettini 2-0247.00
ATP World Tour FinalsDouble3.004.20-3.00244.00
15/11/2019Nedbank ChallengeVan Rooyen to bt Kitayama/Quiros244.00
Nedbank ChallengeSharma to bt Kaymer/Elvira244.00
Nedbank ChallengeDouble3.006.24-3.00241.00
WTA TaipeiKovinic to bt Okamura 2-0241.00
WTA TaipeiBabos to bt Bains 2-0241.00
WTA TaipeiDouble3.003.15-3.00238.00
ATP World Tour FinalsTsitsipas Outright3.006.0015.00253.00
16/11/2019European Tour Nedbank ChallengeMigliozzi to bt Waring/Korhonen2.003.00-2.00251.00
European Tour Nedbank ChallengeLuiten to bt Noren/Westwood2.003.000.50251.50
European Tour Nedbank ChallengeDouble2.008.89-2.00249.50
WTA TaipeiDiatchenko to bt Kovinic 2-
Challenger Tour in HelsinkiRuusuvouri to bt Ivanshka 2-03.002.333.99257.89
17/11/2019European Tour Nedbank ChallengeTo win Outright: Thomas Detry4.004.50-4.00253.89
European Tour Nedbank ChallengeKaymer to bt McIntyre/ Soderberg2.002.70-2.00251.89
WTA TaipeiDiatchenko to bt Babos 2-02.002.753.50255.39
WTA TaipeiKaymer (3 ball) and Diatchenko 2-0 Double2.006.87-2.00253.39
19/11/2019Maia Challenge TourKolar to bt Mager253.39
Maia Challenge TourBorges to bt Olmendo253.39
Maia Challenge TourDouble3.002.59-3.00250.39
20/11/2019Maia Challenge TourSousa to bt Marti 2-0250.39
Maia Challenge TourTaberner to bt Hamou 2-0250.39
Maia Challenge TourDouble3.002.67-3.00247.39
DP World Tour ChampionshipTo win outright: Patrick Reed1.0019.00-1.00246.39
DP World Tour ChampionshipTo win outright: Patrick Reed e/w2.0017.00-2.00244.39
DP World Tour ChampionshipTop 20 finish: Sergio Garcia2.002.102.20246.59
DP World Tour ChampionshipTop 10 finish: Sergio Garcia2.004.336.67253.26
DP World Tour ChampionshipTop continental European: Matthias Schwab1.0013.00-1.00252.26
DP World Tour ChampionshipTop continental European: Matthias Schwab e/w2.0011.00-2.00250.26
21/11/2019DP World Tour ChampionshipPeters to bt Lipsky250.26
DP World Tour ChampionshipReed to bt Stenson250.26
DP World Tour ChampionshipDouble4.003.18-4.00246.26
Maia Challenger TourLorenzi to bt Baldi 2-03.002.50-3.00243.26
22/11/2019DP World Tour ChampionshipPerez to bt Campillo243.26
DP World Tour ChampionshipSchwab to bt Sullivan243.26
DP World Tour ChampionshipDouble3.003.05-3.00240.26
DP World Tour ChampionshipMacIntyre to bt Kitayama240.26
DP World Tour ChampionshipTreble2.005.98-2.00238.26
Davis CupSerbia to bt Russia238.26
Davis CupGreat Britain to bt Germany238.26
Davis CupDouble4.002.70-4.00234.26
Davis CupTo win Outright: Serbia4.006.50-4.00230.26
23/11/2019DP World Tour ChampionshipLowry to bt Wiesberger230.26
DP World Tour ChampionshipMacIntyre to bt Campillo230.26
DP World Tour ChampionshipPavan to bt Poulter230.26
DP World Tour ChampionshipTrixie4.008.660.50230.76
DP World Tour ChampionshipTo win Outright: Tom Lewis e/w2.0023.00-2.00228.76
Maia Challenger TourKovalik to bt Martin 2-03.002.504.50233.26
24/11/2019European TourRai to bt Hatton2.003.254.50237.76
European TourMacIntyre to bt Rose2.002.402.80240.56
European TourDouble2.007.8013.60254.16
Maia Challenger TourKovalik to bt lestienne 2-
PGA Tour RSM ClassicTo win Outright: Sebastian Munoz3.007.00-3.00254.16
27/11/2019Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipBrandon Stone Outright1.0015.00-1.00253.16
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipBrandon Stone Outright e/w2.0015.00-2.00251.16
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipTop 20 finish: Matthew Jordan3.003.00-3.00248.16
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipTop 10 finish: Matthew Jordan2.005.00-2.00246.16
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipFirst Round Leader: Zander Lombard1.0046.00-1.00245.16
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipFirst round leader: Brandon Grace1.0031.00-1.00244.16
28/11/2019Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipBezuidenhout to bt Schwartzel/Larrazabal244.16
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipVan Zyl to bt Law/Slattery244.16
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipDouble4.005.40-4.00240.16
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipCoetzee to bt Els/Sterne240.16
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipStone to bt Mollinari/Bjork240.16
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipDouble3.005.42-3.00237.16
28/11/2019Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipFisher to bt Burmester/McEvoy237.16
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipAiken to bt Otaegui/Bekker237.16
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipStone to bt Mollinari/Bjork237.16
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipTrixie4.0013.76-4.00233.16
29/11/2019Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipLarrazabal to bt bezuidenhout/schwartzel2.003.354.70237.86
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipPepperell to bt Grace/Wilson2.002.48-2.00235.86
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipDouble2.008.12-2.00233.86
30/11/2019Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipHarding to bt Harrison233.86
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipVan Zyl to bt Porteous233.86
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipDouble4.003.02-4.00229.86
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipLombard to bt Hojgaard229.86
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipTreble2.005.06-2.00227.86
01/12/2019Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipTo win Outright: Thomas Aiken2.0018.00-2.00225.86
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipPepperell to bt Ahlers225.86
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipHarding to bt Meronk225.86
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipDouble3.003.437.29233.15
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipGrace to bt Lombard233.15
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipArmitage to bt Sjoholm233.15
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipDouble3.004.20-3.00230.15
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipFour-fold2.0012.89-2.00228.15
03/12/2019Hero World ChallengeTo win Outright: Rickie Fowler1.0015.00-1.00227.15
Hero World ChallengeTo win Outright: Rickie Fowler e/w2.0015.00-2.00225.15
04/12/2019Hero World ChallengeRahm to bt Rose225.15
Hero World ChallengeCantlay to bt Reed225.15
Hero World ChallengeDouble4.003.20-4.00221.15
AfrAsian Bank Mauritius OpenTo Win Outright: George Coetzee1.0017.00-1.00220.15
AfrAsian Bank Mauritius OpenTo Win Outright: George Coetzee e/w2.0017.00-2.00218.15
AfrAsian Bank Mauritius OpenTop 20 finish: Calum Hill3.002.604.80222.95
AfrAsian Bank Mauritius OpenTop 10 Finish: Calum Hill2.004.50-2.00220.95
AfrAsian Bank Mauritius OpenFirst round leader: Jaco Van Zyl1.0061.00-1.00219.95
05/12/2019AfrAsian Bank Mauritius OpenDetry to bt Bezuidenhout/Kapur219.95
AfrAsian Bank Mauritius OpenBjork to bt Fichardt/Chowrasia219.95
AfrAsian Bank Mauritius OpenDouble3.005.89-3.00216.95
Hero World ChallengeCantlay to bt Speith216.95
Hero World ChallengeKisner to Bt Kuchar216.95
Hero World ChallengeDouble4.003.92-4.00212.95
06/12/2019AfrAsian Bank Mauritius OpenAiken to bt Drysdale/Smyth212.95
AfrAsian Bank Mauritius OpenBland to bt Roussel/Fisher212.95
AfrAsian Bank Mauritius OpenDouble2.006.25-2.00210.95
AfrAsian Bank Mauritius OpenCoetzee to bt Sharma/Pieters210.95
AfrAsian Bank Mauritius OpenHebert to bt Veerman/Lombard210.95
AfrAsian Bank Mauritius OpenDouble2.006.84-2.00208.95
AfrAsian Bank Mauritius OpenFour-fold1.0040.50-1.00207.95
06/12/2019Hero World ChallengeSchauffele to bt Speith207.95
Hero World ChallengeKuchar to bt Reavie207.95
Hero World ChallengeDouble4.003.82-4.00203.95
07/12/2019Australian OpenOutright Winner: Louis Oosthuizen4.005.00-4.00199.95
Australian OpenAncer to bt Martin/Chisnall199.95
Australian OpenLeishman to bt Lawson/Hopewell199.95
Australian OpenDouble3.002.92-3.00196.95
07/12/2019AfrAsian Bank Mauritius OpenOutright Winner: Benjamin Hebert3.0012.00-3.00193.95
AfrAsian Bank Mauritius OpenBezuidenhout to bt Smyth193.95
AfrAsian Bank Mauritius OpenDetry to bt Pavon193.95
AfrAsian Bank Mauritius OpenDouble4.002.887.52201.47
07/12/2019Hero World ChallengeTo win Outright: John Rahm4.004.50-4.00197.47
Hero World ChallengeRahm to bt Reed197.47
Hero World ChallengeFowler to bt Reavie197.47
Hero World ChallengeDouble4.003.05-4.00193.47
08/12/2019Australian OpenOoustuizen to bt Casey/Arnold2.002.302.60196.07
Australian OpenPampling to bt Choi/Wilkin2.002.50-2.00194.07
Australian OpenDouble2.005.62-2.00192.07
AfrAsian Bank Mauritius OpenHill to bt Hojgaard192.07
AfrAsian Bank Mauritius OpenHebert to bt Lawrence192.07
AfrAsian Bank Mauritius OpenDouble4.002.95-4.00188.07
11/12/2019Presidents CupTop American Team points scorer: Justin Thomas2.005.008.00196.07
Presidents CupTop Internationals Team Points Scorer: Adam Scott2.006.00-2.00194.07
Presidents CupDouble2.003.00-2.00192.07
QBE Shootout, FloridaTo win Outright: kokrak/Poston4.009.00-4.00188.07
Indonesian MastersTo win Outright: Sihwan Kim1.0021.00-1.00187.07
Indonesian MastersTo win Outright: Sihwan Kim e/w2.0021.00-2.00185.07
Presidents CupWoods/Thomas to bt leishman/Niemann185.07
Presidents CupJohnson/woodland to bt Ancer/Oousthuizen185.07
Presidents CupDouble5.003.23-5.00180.07

Month Two Results

Tee And Serve Tips made an excellent comeback in month two of our review, not only recovering the full loss from the first month but firing us into a substantial amount of profit too. They achieved a massive 136.3 points profit at an ROI of 65.2%, which brought our total profit up to 66.37 points overall.

The tipster managed to correctly predict the winners of the Thailand Masters and the South African Open, which delivered 66 points profit alone. Added to the many winning double bets, it turned out to be a fantastic month for the service.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets6868
Total Stakes (pts)209.00209.00
Profit/Loss (pts)138.2136.3
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£1,382.00£1,363.00
Strike Rate39.7%39.7%
Overall Bank Growth27.2%26.5%
Bank (250pt starting)318.09316.37


DateEventBetStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
13/12/2019Presidents CupOousthuizen/Scott to bt Johnson/Kuchar180.07
Presidents CupThomas/Woods to bt An/Matsuyama180.07
Presidents CupDouble5.003.5012.50192.57
QBE Shootout, FloridaHovland/Wolff to bt McDowell/Poulter192.57
QBE Shootout, FloridaHoffman/Kisner to bt O’Hair/Thompson192.57
QBE Shootout, FloridaDouble4.003.24-4.00188.57
Presidents CupFowler/Thomas to bt leishman/Li188.57
Presidents CupSchauffele/Cantlay to bt Im/Ancer188.57
Presidents CupDouble5.003.51-5.00183.57
14/12/2019QBE Shootout, FloridaHovland/Wolff to bt O’Hair/Thompson183.57
QBE Shootout, FloridaMcDowell/Poulter to bt Harman/Kizzire183.57
QBE Shootout, FloridaDouble4.003.309.20192.77
15/12/2019Presidents CupWoods to bt Ancer192.77
Presidents CupJohnson to bt Li192.77
Presidents CupDouble4.002.626.48199.25
Presidents CupScott to bt Schauffele199.25
Presidents CupTreble2.005.51-2.00197.25
Presidents CupPan to bt Reed197.25
Presidents CupFinau to bt Matsuyama197.25
Presidents CupDouble4.006.25-4.00193.25
QBE Shootout, FloridaPoston/Kokrak to bt McDowell/Poulter193.25
QBE Shootout, FloridaHarman/Kizzire to bt Thompson/O’Hair193.25
QBE Shootout, FloridaDouble5.003.3811.90205.15
18/12/2019Australian PGATo win Outright: Jason Scrivener2.0013.00-2.00203.15
Australian PGATo win Outright: Jason Scrivener e/w2.0013.00-2.00201.15
Thailand MastersTo win outright: Jazz Janewattananond4.008.5030.00231.15
Each way double on above 2 outrights2.0022.00-2.00229.15
18/12/2019Australian PGADavis to bt Griffin/Howell229.15
Australian PGADodt to bt Senior/Murray229.15
Australian PGADouble4.004.8015.20244.35
Australian PGA1st round leader: Ryan Fox1.0041.00-1.00243.35
19/12/2019Australian PGAOrmsby to bt Senden/Veerman243.35
Australian PGAPampling to bt Chalmers/Bowditch243.35
Australian PGADouble4.004.73-4.00239.35
20/12/2019Australian PGADodt to bt Murray/Senior239.35
Australian PGADavis to bt Griffin/Howell239.35
Australian PGADouble4.003.5510.20249.55
20/12/2019Australian PGATo win Outright: Yuan Yechun3.0010.00-3.00246.55
Australian PGASmith to bt Easton/Gibson246.55
Australian PGAChamp to bt Cullen/Jeffress246.55
Australian PGADouble5.003.84-5.00241.55
22/12/2020Australian PGASmyth to bt Champ/Hawkes2.003.004.00245.55
Australian PGADavis to bt Dodt/Watt2.003.004.00249.55
Australian PGADouble2.008.1014.20263.75
01/01/2020Sentry Tournament of ChampionsTo win Outright: Dustin Johnson4.0010.00-4.00259.75
Sentry Tournament of ChampionsTop European: Paul Casey3.003.75-3.00256.75
02/02/2020Sentry Tournament of ChampionsTop American: Dustin Johnson256.75
Sentry Tournament of ChampionsTop European: Paul Casey256.75
Sentry Tournament of ChampionsDouble2.0034.20-2.00254.75
Sentry Tournament of ChampionsTodd to bt Griffin254.75
Sentry Tournament of ChampionsMorikawa to bt Lashley254.75
Sentry Tournament of ChampionsDouble4.003.09-4.00250.75
03/01/2020ATP CupNorrie to bt Kuzmanov 2-0250.75
ATP CupKhachanov to bt Travaglia 2-0250.75
ATP CupDouble3.002.37-3.00247.75
Sentry Tournament of ChampionsLong to bt McDowell247.75
Sentry Tournament of ChampionsNa to bt Homa247.75
Sentry Tournament of ChampionsDouble5.004.11-5.00242.75
04/01/2020ATP CupNadal to bt Basilashvilli 2-0242.75
ATP CupDjokovic/Troicki to bt Klassen/Roelofse (just to win)242.75
ATP CupDouble4.001.910.80243.55
Sentry Tournament of ChampionsKuchar to bt Rahm2.002.90-2.00241.55
Sentry Tournament of ChampionsDuncan to bt Mitchell2.002.302.60244.15
Sentry Tournament of ChampionsDouble2.006.67-2.00242.15
Sentry Tournament of ChampionsJohnson to bt Palmer242.15
Sentry Tournament of ChampionsCasey to bt Todd242.15
Sentry Tournament of ChampionsDouble3.003.176.51248.66
05/01/2020ATP CupAustralia to bt Canada248.66
ATP CupItaly to bt Norway248.66
ATP CupDouble5.002.306.50255.16
ATP CupTsitsipas yo bt Zverev 2-0255.16
ATP CupMedvedev to bt Isner 2-0255.16
ATP CupDouble4.004.5214.08269.24
06/01/2020Sentry Tournament of ChampionsOutright: Gary Woodland2.0015.00-2.00267.24
Sentry Tournament of ChampionsTodd to bt McDowell267.24
Sentry Tournament of ChampionsDuncan to bt Herman267.24
Sentry Tournament of ChampionsDouble4.003.82-4.00263.24
ATP CupAnderson to bt Garin 2-0263.24
ATP CupThiem to bt Schwartzman 2-0263.24
ATP CupDouble3.005.4113.23276.47
WTA BrisbaneBrady to bt Sanders 2-0276.47
WTA BrisbaneSvitolina to bt Collins 2-0276.47
WTA BrisbaneDouble4.002.56-4.00272.47
ATP DohaMoutet to bt Sandgren 2-0272.47
ATP DohaVerdasco to bt Andujar 2-0272.47
ATP DohaDouble3.004.9511.85284.32
07/01/2020ATP CupEvans to bt Albot 2-0284.32
ATP CupMedvedev to bt Ruud 2-0284.32
ATP CupDouble4.002.767.04291.36
ATP DohaBerankis to bt Ilkel 2-0291.36
ATP DohaWarwrinka to bt Chardy 2-0291.36
ATP DohaDouble3.003.28-3.00288.36
08/01/2020ATP CupTo win Outright: Spain5.003.25-5.00283.36
ATP CupThiem to bt Hurkacz 2-03.002.75-3.00280.36
ATP DohaFucsovics to bt IIkel 2-0280.36
ATP DohaRublev to bt Kukushkin 2-0280.36
ATP DohaDouble4.002.907.60287.96
Sony Open in HawaiiTo win Outright: Patrick Reed e/w4.0013.00-4.00283.96
Sony Open in HawaiiTop Rest of the World: Hideki Matsuyama3.007.00-3.00280.96
South African OpenTo win Outright: Erik Van Rooyen3.0011.00-3.00277.96
South African OpenTop English Player: Sam Horsefield2.0010.00-2.00275.96
South African OpenMatsuyama/Horsefield e/w double2.0059.50-2.00273.96
09/01/2020South African OpenMin Woo Lee to bt Lemke/Roos273.96
South African OpenAhlers to bt Pulkkanen/Drysdale273.96
South African OpenDouble3.005.65-3.00270.96
ATP CupEvans to bt De Minaur1.003.752.75273.71
ATP CupEvans to bt De Minaur 2-01.007.00-1.00272.71
09/01/2020ATP DohaWarwrinka to bt Bedene 2-0272.71
ATP DohaRublev to bt Herbert 2-0272.71
ATP DohaDouble3.003.196.57279.28
09/01/2020Sony Open in HawaiiReed to bt Morikawa/Snedeker279.28
Sony Open in HawaiiAncer to bt Hahn/Hadley279.28
Sony Open in HawaiiDouble3.005.15-3.00276.28
Sony Open in HawaiiPoston to bt Reavie/Long2.002.551.55277.83
Sony Open in HawaiiTreble1.0013.12-1.00276.83
10/01/2020South African OpenDetry to bt Schwartzel/Pepperell4.002.50-4.00272.83
ATP DohaVerdasco to bt Moutet 2-03.002.50-3.00269.83
10/01/2020Matsuyama to bt Kisner/Simpson2.002.88-2.00267.83
Duncan to bt Garnett/Potter Jnr2.002.75-2.00265.83
11/01/2020WTA AucklandWilliams to bt Anismova 2-0263.83
WTA AucklandWozniacki to bt Pegula 2-0263.83
WTA AucklandDouble3.003.68-3.00260.83
Sony Open in HawaiiKisner to bt Jones/Todd2.002.633.26264.09
Sony Open in HawaiiMorikawa to bt Harman/Sabatini2.002.402.80266.89
Sony Open in HawaiiDouble2.006.2410.48277.37
12/01/2020WTA AucklandWilliams to bt Pegula 2-0277.37
ATP CupBautista Agut to bt Lajovic 2-0277.37
South African Open GolfTo win Outright: Brandon Grace3.0013.0036.00320.37
South African Open GolfLee to bt Sullivan/Schaper4.002.60-4.00316.37

Month Three Results

After a great comeback in month two of our Tee and Serve Tips review, month three turned out to be disappointing with another sizable loss. We finished the month 48.12 points down but overall we were still in profit by 18.16 points over the three months.

Given the nature of the service, in that there are a lot of high odds selections and accumulator bets, losing runs and swings in variance are inevitable. We decided to continue following the service for at least another month to see if the tipster could pull things back again.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets120120
Total Stakes (pts)368.0368.0
Profit/Loss (pts)-50.16-48.21
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£501.60)(£482.10)
Strike Rate25.0%25.0%
Overall Bank Growth7.2%7.3%
Bank (250pt starting)267.93268.16


DateEventBetStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
13/01/2020Sony Open in HawaiiTo win Outright: Kevin Kisner3.008.50-3.00313.37
Sony Open in HawaiiKnox to bt Sabbatini/Davis3.002.70-3.00310.37
14/01/2020WTA AdelaideSakkari to bt Diatchenko 2-0310.37
WTA AdelaideGoerges to bt Hon 2-0310.37
WTA AdelaideDouble3.002.995.97316.34
Mens Australian OpenKilzan to bt Krstin 2-0316.34
Mens Australian OpenFabbiano to bt Vukic 2-0316.34
Mens Australian OpenDouble3.003.01-3.00313.34
Mens Australian OpenFour-fold1.008.14-1.00312.34
14/01/2020Mens Australian OpenMinnen to bt McPhee 2-0312.34
Mens Australian OpenNovak to bt Brown 2-0312.34
Mens Australian OpenDouble4.002.29-4.00308.34
Mens Australian OpenDaniel to bt Milojevic 2-0308.34
Mens Australian OpenTreble2.004.13-2.00306.34
15/01/2020The American Express Championship PGATo win Outright: Scottie Scheffler e/w2.0036.006.00312.34
The American Express Championship PGATop European: Francesco Mollinari3.005.00-3.00309.34
HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship European TourTo win Outright: Matthias Schwab e/w2.0046.00-2.00307.34
HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship European TourTop South African: Louis Oousthuizen3.003.758.25315.59
Double on Mollinari and Oousthuizen2.0015.88-2.00313.59
16/01/2020HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship European TourWillett to bt Perez/Wallace2.002.70-2.00311.59
HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship European TourPieters ro bt Lewis/Norris2.002.38-2.00309.59
HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship European TourDouble2.006.08-2.00307.59
Mens Australian OpenSoeda to bt Trungelliti 2-02.003.00-2.00305.59
The American Express Championship PGAKisner to bt Chappel305.59
The American Express Championship PGAFinau to bt Mickleson305.59
The American Express Championship PGADouble4.003.25-4.00301.59
16/01/2020Mens Australian OpenDiaz to bt Moriya 2-03.002.50-3.00298.59
HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship European TourWestwood to bt Poulter/Pepperell298.59
HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship European TourLi to bt Van Rooyen/Larrazabal298.59
HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship European TourOousthuizen to bt Bello/Kaymer298.59
HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship European TourTrixie4.00-4.00294.59
17/01/2020The American Express Championship PGAFinau to bt Mickleson294.59
The American Express Championship PGAAn to bt Vegas294.59
The American Express Championship PGADouble4.003.44-4.00290.59
The American Express Championship PGAIm to bt Ancer290.59
The American Express Championship PGATreble2.006.29-2.00288.59
18/01/2020HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship European TourWestwood to bt cantlay/Kitiyama5.003.6013.00301.59
The American Express Championship PGACasey to bt Long301.59
The American Express Championship PGAHowell III to bt Reeve301.59
The American Express Championship PGADouble4.003.18-4.00297.59
The American Express Championship PGANa to bt Knox2.006.42-2.00295.59
19/01/2020HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship European TourTo win Outright: Sergio Garcia3.0012.00-3.00292.59
HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship European TourSchwab to bt Grace/Ramsey2.002.63-2.00290.59
HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship European TourHorsefield to bt Waring/Smith2.003.254.50295.09
HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship European TourDouble2.008.54-2.00293.09
19/01/2020HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship European TourStraka to bt Noren/Hoge2.003.505.00298.09
HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship European TourMunoz to bt Hearn/Harman2.002.750.75298.84
HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship European TourDouble2.009.627.62306.46
20/01/2020Mens Australian OpenKohlschrieber to bt Giron 3-04.002.626.48312.94
21/01/2020Womens Australian OpenKonta to bt Jabeur 2-0312.94
Womens Australian OpenSakkari to bt Gasparyan 2-0312.94
Womens Australian OpenDouble3.005.14-3.00309.94
Mens Australian OpenYmer to bt Uchiyama 3-04.002.807.20317.14
Mens Australian OpenZverev to bt Cecchinato 3-0 (0930)317.14
Mens Australian OpenKerber to bt Cocciaretto 2-0317.14
Mens Australian OpenDouble3.003.086.24323.38
22/01/2020Womens Australian OpenOsaka to bt Zheng 2-0323.38
Womens Australian OpenKenin to bt Li 2-0323.38
Womens Australian OpenDouble4.002.435.72329.10
Womens Australian OpenRiske to bt Zhu 2-0329.10
Womens Australian OpenTreble2.004.777.54336.64
23/01/2020Mens Australian OpenMertens to bt Watson 2-0336.64
Mens Australian OpenCollins to bt Putintseva 2-0336.64
Mens Australian OpenDouble3.003.61-3.00333.64
Mens Australian OpenAnderson to bt Fritz 3-02.004.20-2.00331.64
European Tour Omega Dubai Dessert ClassicGarcia to bt Willet/Lowry331.64
European Tour Omega Dubai Dessert ClassicCabrera Bello to bt Poulter/Kaymer331.64
PGA Tour Farmers Insurance ChampionshipMollinari to bt Griffin/Trainer328.64
PGA Tour Farmers Insurance ChampionshipRose to bt Day/Speith328.64
PGA Tour Farmers Insurance ChampionshipIm to bt Kokrak/McCarthey328.64
PGA Tour Farmers Insurance ChampionshipTrixie4.0012.69-4.00324.64
24/01/2020HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship European TourGarcia to bt Lowry/Willett4.002.50-4.00320.64
Mens Australian OpenBarty to bt Rybakina 2-0320.64
Mens Australian OpenOsaka to bt Gauff 2-0320.64
Mens Australian OpenDouble3.002.91-3.00317.64
Mens Australian OpenMen’s: Rafael Nadal2.006.00-2.00315.64
Womens Australian OpenWomen’s: Naomi Osaka2.007.00-2.00313.64
24/01/2020PGA Tour Farmers Insurance ChampionshipAm to bt Hoffman/Dahman311.64
PGA Tour Farmers Insurance ChampionshipIm to bt Kokrak/McCarthy311.64
PGA Tour Farmers Insurance ChampionshipDouble4.004.83-4.00307.64
25/01/2020Kaymer to bt Otaegui307.64
MacIntyre to bt Green307.64
Perez to bt Bezuidenhout315.12
Mens Australian OpenTheim to bt Fritz 3-03.003.00-3.00319.42
PGA Tour Farmers Insurance ChampionshipRahm to bt Spaun/Im319.42
PGA Tour Farmers Insurance ChampionshipMorikawa to bt Rodgers/Cink319.42
PGA Tour Farmers Insurance ChampionshipDouble5.003.47-5.00314.42
PGA Tour Farmers Insurance ChampionshipTo win Outright: John Rahm3.008.00-3.00311.42
26/01/2020MacIntyre to bt Winthe311.42
Fitzpatrick to bt Rooyen311.42
Kvitova to bt Sakkari 2-0306.42
Barty to bt Riske 2-0306.42
Cappelen to bt Reed/Snedeker2.004.50-2.00299.42
Rodgers to bt Hossler/Bradley2.003.301.30300.72
27/01/2020Mens Australian OpenHalep to bt Mertens 2-04.002.506.00304.72
28/01/2020Womens Australian OpenBarty to bt Kvitova 2-0304.72
Womens Australian OpenKenin to bt Jabeur 2-0304.72
Womens Australian OpenDouble4.005.5018.00322.72
29/01/2020Womens Australian OpenHalep to bt Kontaveit 2-0322.72
Mens Australian OpenNadal to bt Theim322.72
Mens Australian OpenDouble4.002.86-4.00318.72
29/01/2020European Tour Saudi InternationalTop American: Patrick Reed4.004.20-4.00314.72
European Tour Saudi InternationalTop 20 finish: Robert Macintyre2.002.50-2.00312.72
PGA Tour Waste Management Phoenix OpenTop European: Russel Knox2.0011.00-2.00310.72
PGA Tour Waste Management Phoenix OpenTop 20 finish: Keegan Bradley2.004.50-2.00308.72
PGA Tour Waste Management Phoenix OpenDouble on Top American and European2.0044.00-2.00306.72
PGA Tour Waste Management Phoenix OpenDouble on Top 20 Finish2.0010.71-2.00304.72
30/01/2020European Tour Saudi InternationalLewis to bt Hojgaard/Pieters304.72
European Tour Saudi InternationalReed to bt Wiesberger/Poulter304.72
European Tour Saudi InternationalDouble3.005.68-3.00301.72
Womens Australian OpenTo win Outright: Simone Halep6.003.25-6.00295.72
PGA Tour Waste Management Phoenix OpenKuchar to bt Piercy/Lashley295.72
PGA Tour Waste Management Phoenix OpenConners to bt Murray/Kizzire295.72
PGA Tour Waste Management Phoenix OpenDouble4.004.20-4.00291.72
31/01/2020European Tour Saudi InternationalLewis to bt Pieters/ Hojggard4.002.38-4.00287.72
European Tour Saudi InternationalKjeldsen to bt Crocker/Jordan287.72
European Tour Saudi InternationalDouble2.006.90-2.00285.72
Mens Australian OpenTheim to bt Zverev 3-03.003.35-3.00282.72
European Tour Saudi InternationalTo win Outright: Tom Lewis3.0019.00-3.00279.72
31/01/2020PGA Tour Waste Management Phoenix OpenHorshel to bt Berger/Potter Jnr279.72
PGA Tour Waste Management Phoenix OpenWatson to bt Landry/Speith279.72
PGA Tour Waste Management Phoenix OpenDouble4.004.6614.64294.36
PGA Tour Waste Management Phoenix OpenMatsuyama to bt Rahm/Thomas2.003.30-2.00292.36
PGA Tour Waste Management Phoenix OpenTreble2.0018.41-2.00290.36
01/02/2020European Tour Saudi InternationalPieters to bt Bjork290.36
European Tour Saudi InternationalLowry to bt Vegas290.36
European Tour Saudi InternationalDouble4.003.058.20298.56
Mens Australian OpenKenin to bt Muguruza 2-03.004.33-3.00295.56
PGA Tour Waste Management Phoenix OpenMorikawa to bt Thomas/Redman2.002.883.76299.32
PGA Tour Waste Management Phoenix OpenSchauffele to bt Watson/Simpson2.002.70-2.00297.32
PGA Tour Waste Management Phoenix OpenDouble2.007.56-2.00295.32
02/02/2020European Tour Saudi InternationalKoepka to bt Detry295.32
European Tour Saudi InternationalGarcia to bt Burmester295.32
European Tour Saudi InternationalDouble4.003.14-4.00291.32
03/02/2020PGA Tour Waste Management Phoenix OpenRodgers to bt Matsuyama/Tway2.004.002.00293.32
PGA Tour Waste Management Phoenix OpenWoodland to bt Im/Higgs2.002.62-2.00291.32
PGA Tour Waste Management Phoenix OpenDouble2.0010.48-2.00289.32
PGA Tour Waste Management Phoenix OpenTo win Outright: Hudson Swafford e/w4.0021.00-4.00285.32
ATP PuneSugita to bt Fabbiano 2-0285.32
ATP PuneTroicki to bt Nagal 2-0285.32
ATP PuneDouble4.004.40-4.00281.32
04/02/2020ATP PuneGerasimov to bt Lorenzi 2-0281.32
ATP PuneDaniel to bt Mukund 2-0281.32
ATP PuneDouble4.003.7811.12292.44
ATP MontpellierBublik to bt Laaksonen 2-05.002.05-5.00287.44
05/02/2020ATP MontpellierSimon to bt Gasquet 2-03.002.20-3.00284.44
AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AmTo win Outright: Dustin Johnson6.007.50-6.00278.44
AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AmTop 20 finish: Brandt Snedeker3.002.38-3.00275.44
ISPS Handa Vic Open, AustraliaTop 20 finish: Sean Crocker3.003.00-3.00272.44
ISPS Handa Vic Open, AustraliaDouble2.006.33-2.00270.44
ISPS Handa Vic Open, AustraliaScrivener to bt Hawkes/Griffin270.44
ISPS Handa Vic Open, AustraliaHerbert to bt Li/Fraser270.44
ISPS Handa Vic Open, AustraliaDouble4.005.25-4.00266.44
06/02/2020ATP PuneDuckworth to bt Daniel 2-03.002.50-3.00263.44
AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AmNoren to bt Gibson263.44
AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AmJohnson to bt Speith263.44
AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AmDouble4.002.626.48269.92
AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AmCasey to bt Lashley269.92
AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AmTreble2.004.386.76276.68
06/02/2020ISPS Handa Vic Open, AustraliaCrocker to bt Murray/Papadatos276.68
ISPS Handa Vic Open, AustraliaKennedy to bt Younger/Horan276.68
ISPS Handa Vic Open, AustraliaDouble4.005.26-4.00272.68
ATP CordobaLondero to bt Cachin 2-0272.68
ATP CordobaSchwartzman to bt Munar 2-0272.68
ATP CordobaDouble3.003.206.60279.28
07/02/2020ATP PuneSugita to bt Berankis 2-03.003.40-3.00276.28
AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AmJohnson to bt Speith276.28
AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AmNoren to bt Gibson276.28
AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AmDouble4.002.435.72282.00
AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AmCasey to bt Lashley282.00
AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AmTreble2.003.945.88287.88
07/02/2020ATP CordobaGarin to bt Cuevas 2-0287.88
ATP CordobaSchwartzman to bt Vinolas 2-0287.88
ATP CordobaDouble3.003.63-3.00284.88
ISPS Handa Vic Open, AustraliaGriffin to bt Woo Lee/McLeod3.003.40-3.00281.88
ISPS Handa Vic Open, AustraliaTo win Outright: Robin Sciot-Siegrist3.009.00-3.00278.88
08/02/2020ATP MontpellierGoffin to bt Pospisill 2-03.002.40-3.00275.88
AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AmJohnson to bt Speith275.88
AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AmNoren to bt Gibson275.88
AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AmDouble4.002.42-4.00271.88
AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AmCasey to bt Lashley271.88
AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AmTreble2.003.89-2.00269.88
08/02/2020ATP CordobaGarin to bt Martin 2-0269.88
ATP CordobaSchwartzman to bt Djere 2-0269.88
ATP CordobaDouble4.003.30-4.00265.88
09/02/2020ATP PuneGerasimov to bt Vesely 2-05.002.65-5.00260.88
AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AmFitzpatrick to bt Kuchar/Nesmith260.88
AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AmStreelman to bt Griffin/Malnati260.88
AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AmDouble4.006.76-4.00256.88
AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AmChamp to bt Hovland256.88
AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AmJohnson to bt Schwartzel256.88
AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AmDouble6.003.06-6.00250.88
AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AmFour-fold1.0019.65-1.00249.88
10/02/2020WTA St PetersburgRybakina to bt Sinakova 2-0249.88
WTA St PetersburgSakkari to bt Diatchenko 2-0249.88
WTA St PetersburgDouble5.003.49-5.00244.88
11/02/2020ATP RotterdamKhachanov to bt Foggini 2-0244.88
ATP RotterdamRublev to bt Basilashvlli 2-0244.88
ATP RotterdamDouble4.004.3213.28258.16
ATP Buenos AiresLondero to bt Horansky 2-0258.16
ATP New YorkNishioka to bt Laaksonen 2-0258.16
12/02/2020ATP RotterdamGoffin to bt Hasse 2-0254.16
ATP RotterdamBautista-Agut to bt Carreno-Busta 2-0254.16
ATP RotterdamDouble4.003.20-4.00250.16
ATP RotterdamKhachanov to bt Evans 2-0250.16
ATP RotterdamTreble2.008.17-2.00248.16
13/02/2020ATP RotterdamSinner to bt Goffin 2-04.006.0020.00268.16

Month Four Results

It was a good thing that we decided to continue our Tee And Serve Tips review as it turned out to be a cracking month. The highlight of the month was a winning Trixie bet in the Oman Open netting 91.35 points!

The tipster managed to correctly pick out the Top American, Italian and German players and combined into a trixie banked us a huge profit.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets9292
Total Stakes (pts)386.00386.00
Profit/Loss (pts)47.9746.72
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£479.70£467.20
Strike Rate21.7%21.7%
Overall Bank Growth26.4%26.0%
Bank (250pt starting)315.90314.88


DateEventBetStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
13/02/2020Genesis InvitationalKnox to beat Matsuyama/Kuchar2.003.75-2.00266.16
14/02/2020WTA St PetersburgRybakina to beat Dodin 2-0266.16
WTA St PetersburgBencic to beat Sakkari 2-0266.16
WTA St PetersburgDouble4.005.00-4.00262.16
ATP Buenos AiresPellla to beat Londero 2-04.003.00-4.00258.16
PGA Genesis InvitationalThomas to beat Woods/Stricker258.16
PGA Genesis InvitationalFinau to beat Homa/Speith258.16
PGA Genesis InvitationalMcIlroy to beat Cantlay/Johnson258.16
PGA Genesis InvitationalTreble4.0011.78-4.00254.16
15/02/2020WTA DubaiNavarro to beat Shoofs 2-0254.16
WTA DubaiHsiesh to beat Paquet 2-0254.16
WTA DubaiFlink to beat Danilina 2-0254.16
WTA DubaiTreble5.004.01-5.00249.16
ATP Buenos AiresRuud to beat Londero 2-0249.16
ATP Buenos AiresSchwartzman to beat Sousa 2-0249.16
ATP Buenos AiresDouble4.004.83-4.00245.16
PGA Genesis InvitationalHoma to beat Burns/McCarthy245.16
PGA Genesis InvitationalGarcia to beat Landry/Sabbatini245.16
PGA Genesis InvitationalDouble4.005.35-4.00241.16
16/02/2020ATP RotterdamAliassime to beat Monfils 2-04.004.20-4.00237.16
17/02/2020Genesis InvitationalHoma to beat Johnson/ Gooch2.003.402.80239.96
Genesis InvitationalMunoz to beat Matsuyama/Morikawa2.003.80-2.00237.96
17/02/2020Genesis InvitationalDouble on two above2.0012.60-2.00235.96
ATP New YorkEdmund to beat Seppi 2-
Genesis InvitationalAdam Scott to win outright5.0011.0050.00290.96
Genesis InvitationalRory McIlroy top European290.96
Genesis InvitationalBranden Grace top South African290.96
Genesis InvitationalJustin Thomas top American290.96
Genesis InvitationalTreble8.0043.20-8.00282.96
ATP Challenger ItalyDe Greef to bear Gigante 2-0282.96
ATP Challenger ItalyVanni to beat Ornago 2-0282.96
ATP Challenger ItalyDouble5.002.21-5.00277.96
ATP Rio De JanierioGarin to beat Martin 2-0277.96
ATP Rio De JanierioVinolas to beat Alcaraz 2-0277.96
ATP Rio De JanierioDouble4.002.62-4.00273.96
ATP Rio De JanierioFokina to beat Seyboth Wild 2-0 + above 22.006.21-2.00271.96
18/02/2020ATP Delray BeachOpeika to beat Gublis 2-0271.96
ATP Delray BeachFritz to beat Norrie 2-0271.96
ATP Delray BeachDouble6.0013.84-6.00265.96
ATP Rio De JanierioCuevas to beat Balazs 2-0265.96
ATP Rio De JanierioRuud to beat Mager 2-0265.96
ATP Rio De JanierioDouble4.002.96-4.00261.96
ATP Rio De JanierioLajovic to beat Cecchinato 2-0 + above two2.007.48-2.00259.96
19/02/2020ATP MarseilleGarasimov to beat Novak 2-0259.96
ATP MarseilleHerbert to beat Kukushkin 2-0259.96
ATP MarseilleDouble4.005.1216.48276.44
ATP Rio De JanierioGarin to beat Delbonis 2-0276.44
ATP Rio De JanierioMonterio to beat Balazs 2-0276.44
ATP Rio De JanierioDouble4.005.01-4.00272.44
20/02/2020WTA DubaiPilskova to beat Rybakina 2-0272.44
WTA DubaiMuguruza to beat Brady 2-0272.44
WTA DubaiDouble3.005.62-3.00269.44
ATP MarseilleBedene to beat Simon 2-0269.44
ATP MarseilleMedvedev to beat Sinner 2-0269.44
ATP MarseilleDouble3.004.67-3.00266.44
WTA Dubai + ATP MarseilleFourfold on above four1.0026.21-1.00265.44
21/02/2020ATP MarseilleTsitsipas to bt Pospisil 2-0265.44
ATP MarseilleMedvedev to bt Simon 2-0265.44
ATP MarseilleDouble4.003.61-4.00261.44
ATP MarseilleShapovalov to bt Bublik 2-0261.44
ATP MarseilleTreble2.007.72-2.00259.44
WGC MexicoOutright: Bubba Watson4.0021.00-4.00255.44
WGC MexicoThomas to bt Leishman/Matsuyama255.44
WGC MexicoWatson to bt Oousthuizen/Ishikawa255.44
WGC MexicoDouble5.005.12-5.00250.44
22/02/2020Marseille ATPTsitsipas to bt Bublik 2-0250.44
Dubai WTAHalep to bt Rybakina 2-0250.44
22/02/2020Puerto Rico OpenTo win Outright: Victor Hovland3.004.5010.50254.94
WGC MexicoTo win Outright: Rory McIIroy3.004.33-3.00251.94
WGC MexicoDouble3.0019.48-3.00248.94
23/02/2020ATP Delray BeachOpelka to bt Raonic 2-04.005.00248.94
WGC MexicoIm to bt Reavie/Willett248.94
WGC MexicoConners to bt Watson/Griffin248.94
WGC MexicoScott to bt Schaufelle/Lombard248.94
WGC MexicoTrixie6.0019.25-6.00242.94
24/02/2020ATP SantiagoMunar to bt Baena 2-0242.94
ATP SantiagoTaberner to bt Vera 2-0242.94
ATP SantiagoDouble5.004.98-5.00237.94
25/02/2020ATP DubaiUchiyama to bt Lu 2-0237.94
ATP DubaiKrajinovic to bt Sousa 2-0237.94
ATP DubaiDouble4.002.74-4.00233.94
ATP DubaiEvans to bt Foggini 2-02.007.12-2.00231.94
25/02/2020WTA AcapulcoBoulter to bt Paoloni 2-0231.94
WTA AcapulcoZhu to bt Zavatska 2-0231.94
WTA AcapulcoDouble4.006.604.80236.74
26/02/2020ATP DubaiRublev to bt Krajinovic 2-0236.74
ATP DubaiTsitsipas to bt Bublik 2-0236.74
ATP DubaiDouble5.003.6313.15249.89
Honda ClassicTop Englishman: Tommy Fleetwood249.89
Honda ClassicTop Australian: Cameron Davis249.89
Honda ClassicDouble6.006.9635.76285.65
Oman OpenTop American: Johannes Veerman285.65
Oman OpenTop Italian: Guido Migliozzi285.65
Oman OpenTop German: Martin Kaymer285.65
Oman OpenTrixie8.0022.1091.35377.00
27/02/2020ATP AcapulcoEdmund to bt Aliassime 2-0377.00
ATP AcapulcoIsner to bt Giron 2-0377.00
ATP AcapulcoDouble4.004.82-4.00373.00
Oman OpenWaring to bt Otaegui/Kawaamura373.00
Oman OpenCoetzee to bt Scrivener/Mollinari373.00
Oman OpenDouble4.005.76-4.00369.00
Honda ClassicVan Rooyen to bt An/Zhang369.00
Honda ClassicFowler to bt Hovland/Niemann369.00
Honda ClassicFleetwood to bt Rose/Horshel369.00
Honda ClassicTrixie6.0014.95-6.00363.00
WTA DohaSabelenka to bt Zheng 2-0363.00
WTA DohaBencic to bt kuznetsova 2-0363.00
WTA DohaDouble4.004.74-4.00359.00
27/02/2020Honda ClassicWoodland to bt Ooushuizen/Lowry359.00
Honda ClassicWestwood to bt stallings/Lovemark359.00
Honda ClassicDouble4.006.08-4.00355.00
28/02/2020ATP AcapulcoIsner to bt Paul 2-04.003.05-4.00351.00
Oman OpenPieters to bt Hojgaard/Larrazabal351.00
Oman OpenKaymer to bt Li/Luiten351.00
Oman OpenDouble4.006.19-4.00347.00
WTA QatarSabelenka to bt Kuznetsova 2-0347.00
WTA QatarBarty to bt Kvitova 2-0347.00
WTA QatarDouble4.005.25-4.00343.00
28/02/2020Honda ClassicLong to bt Kim/Armour343.00
Honda ClassicFowler to bt Hovland/Niemann343.00
Honda ClassicDouble4.005.8519.40362.40
ATP SantiagoDellien to bt Olivo 2-04.002.20-4.00358.40
WTA AcapulcoWatson to bt Wang 2-04.003.6010.40368.80
29/02/2020Oman OpenColsearts to bt Rock/McEvoy6.002.50-6.00362.80
ATP DubaiTsitsipas to bt Djokovic 2-03.006.50-3.00359.80
Houston OpenFleetwood to bt Lovemark359.80
Houston OpenWoodland to bt Watney359.80
Houston OpenDouble6.002.52-6.00353.80
WTA MonterreyTrevisan to bt Jakupovic 2-0353.80
WTA MonterreyDolehide to bt Sanchez 2-0353.80
WTA MonterreyDouble4.003.02-4.00349.80
Honda ClassicTo win Outright: Gary Woodland5.007.50-5.00344.80
29/02/2020Oman OpenTo win Outright: Guido Migliozzi5.0012.00-5.00339.80
01/03/2020Honda ClassicHorshel to bt McNealy339.80
Honda ClassicVegas to bt Hagy339.80
Honda ClassicDouble5.003.35-5.00334.80
02/03/2020WTA LyonBabos to bt Bara 2-04.001.83-4.00330.80
03/03/2020WTA LyonTeichman to bt Burel 2-0330.80
WTA LyonMladenovic to bt Paquet 2-0330.80
WTA LyonDouble4.002.87-4.00326.80
WTA LyonTo win outright: Sofia Kenin5.003.5012.50339.30
03/03/2020WTA Indian WellsBrengle to bt Wickamayer 2-0339.30
WTA Indian WellsTsurenko to bt Lao 2-0339.30
WTA Indian WellsDouble4.005.27-4.00335.30
04/03/2020WTA LyonVan Uytvanck to bt Tomova 2-0335.30
WTA LyonKenin to bt Diatchenko 2-0335.30
WTA LyonDouble4.002.70-4.00331.30
04/03/2020Commercial Bank Qatar MastersTop Belgian: Thomas Detry331.30
Commercial Bank Qatar MastersTop American: Johannes Veerman331.30
Commercial Bank Qatar MastersTop Danish: Rasmus Hojgaard331.30
Commercial Bank Qatar MastersTrixie8.0023.38-8.00323.30
Commercial Bank Qatar Masters1st round leader: George Coetzee1.0034.00-1.00322.30
Arnold Palmer InvitationalTop Asian: Hideki Matsuyama322.30
Arnold Palmer InvitationalTop Australian: Adam Scott322.30
Arnold Palmer InvitationalDouble5.007.21-5.00317.30
04/03/2020WTA Indian WellsRogers to bt Hibino 2-04.002.757.00324.30
Commercial Bank Qatar MastersLuiten to bt Largergren/Schrivener2.002.302.60326.90
Commercial Bank Qatar MastersMcKintyre to bt Pieters/Langasque2.003.50-2.00324.90
Commercial Bank Qatar MastersDouble2.007.35-2.00322.90
05/03/2020WTA LyonVan Uytvanck to bt Garcia 2-
Arnold Palmer InvitationalHatton to bt Brown/Hoffman331.30
Arnold Palmer InvitationalHorshel to bt Stricker/Johnson331.30
Arnold Palmer InvitationalKnox to bt Lashley/Poulter331.30
Arnold Palmer InvitationalTrixie11.0011.60-3.80327.50
05/03/2020ATP ChallengerAndujar to bt Harris 2-0327.50
ATP ChallengerVukic to bt Tomic 2-0327.50
ATP ChallengerDouble4.005.4617.84345.34
Qatar OpenBurmester to bt Hill/Canizares345.34
Qatar OpenSchwab to bt Kinhult/Larrazabal345.34
Qatar OpenDouble4.006.25-4.00341.34
06/03/2020WTA LyonFriedsam to bt Kuzmova 2-01.002.30-1.00340.34
Arnold Palmer InvitationalMatsuyama to bt Fleetwood/Munoz340.34
Arnold Palmer InvitationalSchaufelle to bt Tway/Glover340.34
Arnold Palmer InvitationalDouble6.004.03-6.00334.34
Qatar OpenTo win Outright: Joust Luiten5.007.00-5.00329.34
WTA MonterreySvitolina to bt Fernandez 2-
07/03/2020WTA LyonKenin to bt van Uytvanck 2-04.002.50-4.00329.74
Arnold Palmer InvitationalMatsuyama to bt McDowell329.74
Arnold Palmer InvitationalFowler to bt Scheffler329.74
Arnold Palmer InvitationalDouble4.002.92-4.00325.74
Arnold Palmer InvitationalWallace to bt Mitchell325.74
Arnold Palmer InvitationalTreble2.005.97-2.00323.74
08/03/2020ATP Indian WellsNakashima to bt Sock 2-0323.74
WTA MonterreySvitolina to bt Rus323.74
Qatar OpenCoetzee to bt Harding/Nienaber318.74
Qatar OpenDetry to bt Chawrasia/Jamieson318.74
Qatar OpenDouble4.004.95-4.00314.74
WTA LyonKenin to bt Friedsam 2-04.002.00-4.00310.74
Arnold Palmer InvitationalTo win Outright: Sunjae Im4.0010.00-4.00306.74
Arnold Palmer InvitationalBezuidenhout to bt McIIroy4.004.00-4.00302.74
08/03/2020WTA MonterreySvitolina to bt Bouzkova 2-06.002.05-6.00296.74
11/03/2020Challenger TourBonzi to bt Martineau 2-0296.74
Challenger TourSimon to bt Moundir 2-0296.74
Challenger TourDouble5.003.5012.50309.24
12/03/2020ATP ChallengerTorpegaard to bt De Jong 2-0309.24
ATP ChallengerReboul to bt D A Sibanda 2-0309.24
ATP ChallengerDouble5.002.882.20311.44
12/03/2020Player ChampionshipDeChambeau to bt Im/Woodland311.44
Player ChampionshipThomas to bt Fowler/Speith311.44
Player ChampionshipDouble4.005.62-4.00307.44
13/03/2020Player ChampionshipSchaufelle to bt Scott/Rose307.44
Player ChampionshipFitzpatrick to bt Grillo/Sloan307.44
Player ChampionshipDouble4.005.267.44314.88

Month Five Results

The Tee and Serve Tips had a belter of a month upon returning from their short break due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Zach Smith winning the Scottsdale AZ Open returned a massive 50.4 points profit, setting us up nicely for the rest of the month.

We couldn't have asked for a better return to the service, with consistent winning bets building our bank up to over 400 points.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets6666
Total Stakes (pts)220.0220.0
Profit/Loss (pts)93.9992.37
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£939.90£923.70
Strike Rate54.5%54.5%
Overall Bank Growth64.0%62.9%
Bank (250pt starting)409.89407.25


DateEventBetStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
13/05/2020World ExhibitionBelov to bt Strebkov314.88
World ExhibitionChebotarev to bt Zhelinsky314.88
World ExhibitionDouble4.002.27-4.00310.88
Scottsdale AZ OpenNate Lashley4.003.75-4.00306.88
13/05/2020World ExhibitionErmalinsky to bt Sokolovskiy4.001.53-4.00302.88
14/05/2020World ExhibitionShurygin to bt Golovin302.88
World ExhibitionKrivalcevich to bt molcan302.88
World ExhibitionDouble4.002.75-4.00298.88
World ExhibitionSusha to bt Sokolovskiy4.001.612.44301.32
Scottsdale AZ OpenZach Smith e/w3.0029.0050.40351.72
15/05/2020World ExhibitionMateyuk to bt Zavrainov351.72
World ExhibitionAndryushchenko to bt Chebotarev351.72
World ExhibitionDouble4.001.963.84355.56
16/05/2020World ExhibitionKing to bt Young355.56
World ExhibitionEubanks to bt Blumberg355.56
World ExhibitionDouble4.002.272.68358.24
World ExhibitionYatsuk to bt Storch358.24
World ExhibitionYatsuk to bt Redlicki358.24
World ExhibitionDouble3.002.94-3.00355.24
17/05/2020Tennis Point Exhibition SeriesChoinski to bt Vatutin355.24
Tennis Point Exhibition SeriesSchmitz to bt Junaid355.24
Tennis Point Exhibition SeriesHaerteis to bt Junaid355.24
Tennis Point Exhibition SeriesTreble4.003.21-4.00351.24
Tennis Point Exhibition SeriesYatsuk to bt Corwin2.002.503.00354.24
Driving Relief Skins MatchFowler/Wolff to bt McIIroy/Johnson6.002.38-6.00348.24
18/05/2020World ExhibitionKrivalcevich to bt Korban348.24
World ExhibitionAndryushchenko to bt Molcan348.24
World ExhibitionDouble4.002.204.80353.04
18/05/2020World ExhibitionLutkovskii to bt Dorozhkin3.001.752.25355.29
19/05/2020World ExhibitionGlebov to bt Matsulevich355.29
World ExhibitionBelov to bt Kislyi355.29
World ExhibitionDouble3.003.34-3.00352.29
19/05/2020World ExhibitionSusha to bt Sokolovskiy352.29
World ExhibitionLutkovskii to bt Saplin352.29
World ExhibitionDouble3.002.75-3.00349.29
20/05/2020World ExhibitionMateyuk to bt Zavrainov349.29
World ExhibitionMolcan to bt Zatoglutsky349.29
World ExhibitionDouble4.002.04-4.00345.29
World ExhibitionVickery to bt Halbauer345.29
World ExhibitionJokic to bt Townsend345.29
World ExhibitionDouble3.004.059.15354.44
21/05/2020World ExhibitionLebedev to bt Krivalcevich354.44
World ExhibitionLutkovskii to bt Saplin354.44
World ExhibitionDouble3.003.06-3.00351.44
World ExhibitionPopko to bt Michalek351.44
World ExhibitionSeelig to bt Mercier351.44
World ExhibitionDouble4.001.763.04354.48
22/05/2020World ExhibitionAndryushchenko to bt Chebotarev354.48
World ExhibitionLutkovskii to bt dorozhkin354.48
World ExhibitionDouble3.002.725.16359.64
22/05/2020World ExhibitionYoung to bt Johns359.64
World ExhibitionKing to bt Pannu359.64
World ExhibitionDouble4.001.773.08362.72
23/05/2020World ExhibitionWojcik to bt Nazaruk362.72
World ExhibitionKrivalcevich to bt Gursky362.72
World ExhibitionDouble3.002.223.66366.38
23/05/2020World ExhibitionSusha to bt Ermalinsky3.001.67-3.00363.38
24/05/2020World ExhibitionBelov to bt Zhishkevich363.38
World ExhibitionMolcan to bt Zatolgutsky363.38
World ExhibitionDouble4.002.044.16367.54
World ExhibitionCintl to bt Mikulenok3.001.722.16369.70
25/05/2020World ExhibitionZatolgutsky to bt Gursky369.70
World ExhibitionLutkovskii to bt Balmashev369.70
World ExhibitionDouble3.002.10-3.00366.70
25/05/2020World ExhibitionAndryushchenko to bt Susha3.001.621.86368.56
26/05/2020World ExhibitionMateyuk to bt Smolyarchuk368.56
World ExhibitionZatolgutsky to bt Dobrovolsky368.56
World ExhibitionMolcan to bt Karlashov368.56
World ExhibitionTreble3.002.825.46374.02
26/05/2020World ExhibitionStrebkov to bt Mikulenok374.02
World ExhibitionCintl to bt Petrovskij374.02
World ExhibitionDouble3.002.083.24377.26
27/05/2020Pro Tennis Series, AustriaRodionov to bt Melzer377.26
Pro Tennis Series, AustriaPichler to bt Kopp377.26
Pro Tennis Series, AustriaDouble3.002.13-3.00374.26
World ExhibitionWojcik to bt Perez374.26
Womens Exo-TennisTownsend to bt Vickery374.26
28/05/2020Czech RepublicVrbensky to bt Kolar371.26
Czech RepublicKvitova to bt Muchova371.26
Czech RepublicDouble4.002.676.68377.94
29/05/2020Germany - Exhibition Tennis Point Exhibition Series MenChoinski to bt Broska3.001.832.49380.43
29/05/2020USA Matchplay MenWolf to bt Torpegaard3.001.571.71382.14
30/05/2020Germany ExhibitionChoinski to bt Haerteis382.14
Germany ExhibitionPuetz to bt Schmitz382.14
USA Matchplay MenMcDonald to bt Cid Subervi4.002.60-4.00378.14
30/05/2020World ExhibitionDraxl to bt Harper378.14
USA ExhibitionSiegemund to bt Dolehide378.14
31/05/2020World ExhibitionBradford to bt Carnevale-Miino2.005.40-2.00373.14
02/06/2020World ExhibitionDembek to bt Rajski373.14
World ExhibitionMichalski to bt Zielinski373.14
World ExhibitionDouble3.002.11-3.00370.14
USA ExhibitionSiegemund to bt Dolehide370.14
USA ExhibitionSandgren to bt Torpegaard370.14
USA ExhibitionDouble2.002.951.22371.36
02/06/2020USA ExhibitionBlanch to bt Cid Subervi371.36
USA ExhibitionMcDonald to bt Fratangelo371.36
USA ExhibitionDouble3.002.60-3.00368.36
04/06/2020Czech Republic Exhibition LiveScore CupVondrousova to bt Pliskova368.36
USA ExhibitionWolf to bt Sandgren368.36
04/06/2020Dembek & Strycova372.20
05/06/2020World ExhibitionMickalski378.04
USA Exhibition MatchPlay 120 MenMcDonald378.04
USA Exhibition MatchPlay 120 MenWolf378.04
05/06/2020USA Exhibition MatchPlay 120 WomenDolehide382.84
Austria Exhibition Pro Series MenOfner382.84
06/06/2020Austria Exhibition Pro Series MenOfner379.84
Spain Exhibition Region of Valencia MenDe Minaur379.84
07/06/2020Germany Exhibition Exo-Tennis MenHassan384.88
Germany Exhibition Exo-Tennis MenSchmitz384.88
Germany Exhibition Exo-Tennis MenDouble2.002.88-2.00382.88
Fourfold on above four2.005.85-2.00380.88
07/06/2020World Exhibition International Tennis Series MenBradford380.88
World Exhibition International Tennis Series MenDraxl380.88
World Exhibition International Tennis Series MenDouble3.002.011.14382.02
08/06/2020Austria Exhibition Pro Series MenPichler382.02
World ExhibitionLaurent382.02
08/06/2020USA Exhibition MatchPlay 120 WomenFernandez379.02
USA Exhibition MatchPlay 120 WomenBrady 2-0379.02
USA Exhibition MatchPlay 120 WomenDouble3.002.55-3.00376.02
09/06/2020World ExhibitionKolasinski376.02
World ExhibitionGajewski376.02
World ExhibitionDouble4.001.95-4.00372.02
09/06/2020USA Exhibition MatchPlay 120 WomenOsuigwe to bt Dolehide3.002.75-3.00369.02
10/06/2020Germany Exhibition Exo-Tennis MenNav369.02
Germany Exhibition Exo-Tennis MenPuetz369.02
Germany Exhibition Exo-Tennis MenDouble4.002.63-4.00365.02
10/06/2020World Exhibition WomenChang365.02
USA Exhibition MatchPlay 120 MenCid Subervi365.02
USA MatchPlay 120 WomenFernandez365.02
11/06/2020Charles Schwab ChallengePalmer to bt Haas/Harman371.98
Charles Schwab ChallengeIm to bt Frittelli/Mitchell371.98
Charles Schwab ChallengeDouble3.004.64-3.00368.98
Germany Exhibition Exo-Tennis MenSchmitz368.98
Austria Exhibition Pro Series MenNovak368.98
Austria Exhibition Pro Series MenOfner368.98
11/06/2020USA Exhibition MatchPlay 120 MenFratangelo372.64
USA Exhibition MatchPlay 120 WomenPegula372.64
Charles Schwab ChallengeSchaufelle to bt Kisner/Furyk4.002.305.20380.60
12/06/2020World Exhibition MenMikula380.60
Austria Exhibition Pro Series MenHampel380.60
Charles Schwab ChallengeSchaufelle382.70
Charles Schwab ChallengeGarcia382.70
Charles Schwab ChallengeDouble3.004.513.30386.00
13/06/2020Charles Schwab ChallengeReed386.00
Charles Schwab ChallengeWoodland386.00
Charles Schwab ChallengeDouble3.005.525.92391.92
USA Exhibition MatchPlay 120 WomenOsuigwe v Loeb - Osuigwe 2-03.002.604.80396.72
Germany Exhibition Exo-Tennis MenPuetz396.72
Europe Exhibition Adria Tour MenDimitrov396.72
Charles Schwab ChallengeHovland401.01
Charles Schwab ChallengeNoren401.01
Charles Schwab ChallengeDouble4.003.319.24410.25
13/06/2020Charles Schwab ChallengeWolff410.25
Charles Schwab ChallengeIm410.25
Charles Schwab ChallengeDouble3.003.70-3.00407.25

Review Summary

Tee and Serve Tips put out a fantastic performance in our review, with some jaw-dropping results along the way.

They correctly tipped winners at the Thailand Masters, South African Open, Oman Open and the Scottsdale AZ Open, collectively adding up to more than 200 points profit.

In total, we finished our review with 157.25 points profit at an ROI of 11.2%. Our starting bank of 250 points increased by 62.9% overall. 

That worked out average of 31.45 points profit per month, or £314.50 using £10 per point.

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets431431
Total Stakes (pts)1403.01403.0
Profit/Loss (pts)159.89157.25
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£1,598.90£1,572.50
Strike Rate30.6%30.6%
Overall Bank Growth64.0%62.9%
Bank (250pt starting)409.89407.25

We broke results down a little further and found that the golf tips had produced 77.31 points profit and the tennis produced 79.94 points profit, so it was pretty close between them.

It wasn't all plain sailing, as we experienced two losing months where we took quite a hit. The service quickly pulled things back and we hadn't been anywhere near danger with our betting bank.

We're so pleased to have found a profitable tennis and golf tipster. It's something a bit different to add to a portfolio that may usually just be made up of football and horse racing tipsters.

If you are looking for more of a smooth ride, it may not be the service for you. However, just a quick glance at our results shows just how much potential this service has to make some serious profit from these sports.

Review Stats+157.25pts profit, 11.2% ROI, 30.6% SR
Stakes Advised between 1-10 points
Starting bank 250 points
Average no. betsApprox. 80-90 per month
Time of emailsMorning 8.00-9.00am
Price£1.99 for 15 days then £37 per month

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