The Bet Engine Review: Automate Your Betting Systems

The Bet Engine (TBE) is a Betfair betting bot developed by Alistair Moffatt that allows you to build your own custom horse racing and greyhound systems and run them autonomously. The software has been around for many years now and is highly respected within the betting community, due to it’s wealth of features, ease of use, solid reliability and fantastic customer support.

The software comes with a 124 page user manual that explains how to make use of the huge amount of features. We couldn’t possibly cover everything it has to offer in one review, but we will be going through the basics of setting up a betting system and applying a staking plan.

One of the best things about this software is the test mode feature which lets you try out your systems without risking a penny. It’s not recommended to do this over a long period of time as Betfair may suspend your account, but in the short term it’s a great way to test out your settings and modify them before betting any real money.

Creating a Betting System

The software supports both Back and Lay systems and you can choose to include Win or Place markets, or both. The “Betting Criteria” section has tons of options to choose from to filter the races and runners that you want to include in your system.

The Bet Engine Review Criteria

Some of the criteria settings available:

  • Countries
  • Race Types/Class/Distance/Courses
  • How many runners
  • Odds (Current Betfair, BSP, Projected BSP, Live Odds from Sporting Life, Forecast odds)
  • Horse Age/Weight/Gender etc.

The Bet Engine Review Filters

Here we have created a basic laying system that will lay favourites with odds between 1.6 and 2.0 in races with 4 or more runners. We have applied a loss recovery staking plan to the system, so that it will attempt to win the stake back after a losing bet.

The Bet Engine Review Main Screen

The software can be left to run throughout the day or you can set a target profit or amount of bets before it stops. You will be able to see the results in the Betting Log once the bets have settled and from here the results can be exported to a CSV file. They can also be formatted ready to be imported into The Staking Machine software if you own it.

On this particular day there was only one selection that met the criteria and the horse won so our lay bet lost. As you can see on the bottom right part of the screen, the next stake has been calculated and our virtual bank has been adjusted. On the left hand side you can see the profit/loss for both test and live modes and the Statistics box, which will build up as more bets are placed to give you a better idea of the system’s performance.

The Bet Engine Review Testing

There is plenty of advice on The Bet Engine forum on using the software and creating betting systems, but if you still get stuck along the way there is also support available via email.

We came across a really useful post in the forum posted by the developer that goes through the thought process behind setting up a betting system:

1. What sport am I betting on? (Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing or both)
2. What markets am I betting on? (Win, Place or both)
3. Do I need to restrict the races in any way? (for example, am I betting at just certain courses, or perhaps only if the race is over 2m long)
4. Am I placing bets based on named selections, or by its “fav” status?
5. What do I need to rank horses based on? (odds, perhaps – but which ones?)
6. If I am betting on “favs”, what “favs” am I interested in?
7. Is there an odds range that applies to the selections? (if so, what odds are being used?)
8. Is there a defined range for the number of runners in the race?
9. What sort of bets am I placing?
10. When do I need to place my bets?

Once you have the answers to these questions you can easily set up the criteria within the software and you’re ready to go.

Staking Plans

There are a variety of staking plans built in to the software, including straight backing and laying plans and loss recovery style plans. Each of them can be adjusted to suit your required stakes and betting bank.


  • Level
  • Fixed %
  • Fixed Profit
  • % Profit
  • Kelly
  • Secure
  • Banded


  • Level
  • Fixed %
  • Fixed Liability
  • % Liability
  • Mixed
  • Ratchet
  • Kelly
  • Banded

Access to the recovery plans is available after checking a box in the main software options. Be aware if using these as they carry more risk than standard betting plans.

  • % Recovery
  • Fibonacci
  • 1326
  • XYZ
  • Bookies Bank
  • LP28
  • Square Root
  • Pro
  • D’alembert
  • Labouchere
  • Price Divisor
  • % Up DownRolling
  • 1-4
  • XYZ Threshold
  • HiPro86
  • Lay Target

Aside from creating your own betting systems, some BSP tipster services (we’ve noticed quite a few at Pro Betting Club) provide a configuration file for The Bet Engine and you can load the selections into the software, which saves time compared to manually betting on each one.

In the main software options you can enable sounds to play in various situations, such as when a race goes in-play or a bet is settled. Another handy feature is being able to automatically shut down your computer after the last race or at a specific time.


• Starter Version – Run 2 betting systems simultaneously – £12.50 per month
• Standard Version – Run 5 betting systems simultaneously – £25.00 per month
• Professional Version – Run 10 betting systems simultaneously – £35.00 per month

There is also a 7 day trial available where you can try the starter version out free of charge.

The Bet Engine has everything you need to start creating betting systems and automating your bets. Anything that can save valuable time and make our life easier gets a thumbs up from us. It’s easy to learn, yet extremely feature-rich and if you want to take your betting to the next level we can highly recommend having it in your arsenal.

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