US Sports Capper Review: Introduction

US Sports Capper Review
US Sports Capper Review

US Sports Capper is a value driven tipping service that focuses on providing MLB, NHL and NBA tips.

The service has been running since September 2018 on the Betting Gods platform and has reported a profit of £1,599.80 based on stakes of £10 per point.

The 28% ROI is certainly an impressive figure so it seems there is definitely value to be found out there on these sports.

The tipster sends out an average of 70 - 90 tips per month between 8-10pm and they are a mixture of singles and multiples. Bets are sent via email but they are also available through the private member's area as well as the Betting Gods mobile apps.

There is an advised starting bank of 150 points and the service claims to have already doubled this in just nine months.

We are intrigued to see how this service performs during our trial and whether we will have any problems attaining odds on US markets.

We will be back next month with our first update.

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