Top Football Tipster Review: Update Two

Top Football Tipster Review

It has been another poor month for the Top Football Tipster service with a further loss of 18.35 points at the available odds. This brings our total loss up to 54.69 points for the review so far.

The lay bets have been letting us down heavily with quite a few unexpected results and underdogs sneaking wins in.

Key Stats - Update Two
 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets8282
Total Stakes (pts)279.6279.5
Profit/Loss (pts)-17.24-18.35
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£172.40-£183.50
Average Odds2.112.11
Strike Rate65.9%65.9%
Overall Bank Growth-26.9%-27.3%
Bank (200pt starting)146.28145.31

Results - Update Two
DateFixtureSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
07/04/2019Everton v ArsenalLAY Everton1.003.35-2.35161.31
07/04/2019Eupen v CharleroiBoth Teams To Score - Yes3.001.70-3.00158.31
07/04/2019Bolivar v San JoseBoth Teams To Score - Yes3.001.431.29159.60
08/04/2019Bologna v ChievoBologna4.001.481.92161.52
08/04/2019Palermo v VeronaBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.85-2.00159.52
09/04/2019Nimes v RennesBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.771.54161.06
09/04/2019Leyton Orient v EastleighLAY Eastleigh1.007.000.95162.01
09/04/2019Liverpool v PortoAnytime Goalscorer - Sadio Mane1.002.25-1.00161.01
10/04/2018Norwich v ReadingBoth Teams To Score - Yes4.001.853.40164.41
10/04/2018Man Utd v BarcelonaOver 1.5 Goals3.001.28-3.00161.41
11/04/2019Silkeborg v NaestvedBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.721.44162.85
11/04/2019Arsenal v NapoliLAY Napoli2.003.301.90164.75
12/04/2019Leicester v NewcastleBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.91-2.00162.75
13/04/2019Southampton v WolvesSouthampton3.002.604.80167.55
13/04/2019Derby v BoltonBoth Teams To Score - Yes4.002.10-4.00163.55
14/04/2019Crystal Palace v Man CityMan City3.001.330.99164.54
14/04/2019Utrecht v VitesseBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.50-2.00162.54
14/04/2019Frankfurt v AugsburgFrankfurt2.001.50-2.00160.54
15/04/2019Watford v ArsenalBoth Teams To Score - Yes3.001.51-3.00157.54
15/04/2019Livorno v BresciaBoth Teams To Score - Yes3.001.72-3.00154.54
16/04/2019Brighton v CardiffBoth Teams To Score - Yes4.001.80-4.00150.54
16/04/2019Juventus v AjaxOver 1.5 Goals4.001.251.00151.54
17/04/2019Platanias v PanachaikiHalf Time / Full Time-Platanias / Platanias2.002.102.20153.74
17/04/2019Man City v TottenhamGoal In Both Halves - Yes3.001.501.50155.24
18/04/2019Copenhagen v MidtjyllandBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.64-2.00153.24
19/04/2019Bristol City v ReadingOver 1.5 Goals4.001.251.00154.24
19/04/2019Bolton v Aston VillaOver 1.5 Goals5.001.201.00155.24
19/04/2019Swansea v RotherhamOver 1.5 Goals5.001.221.10156.34
19/04/2019Crewe v YeovilOver 1.5 Goals3.001.300.90157.24
19/04/2019Brest v US OrleansFirst Half Over 0.5 Goals3.001.401.20158.44
20/04/2019Parma v AC MilanLAY Parma1.006.400.95159.39
20/04/2019Man City v TottenhamMan City4.001.281.12160.51
20/04/2019West Ham v LeicesterBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.581.16161.67
20/04/2019Venlo v De GraafschapOver 1.5 Goals4.001.200.80162.47
21/04/2019Excelsior Rotterdam v Willem 11Both Teams To Score - Yes2.001.551.10163.57
21/04/2019Everton v Man UtdOver 1.5 Goals4.001.251.00164.57
21/04/2019Cardiff v LiverpoolFirst Half Over 0.5 Goals3.001.30-3.00161.57
21/04/2019Arsenal v Crystal PalaceGoal In Both Halves - Yes3.001.531.59163.16
22/04/2019Portsmouth v CoventryLAY Coventry1.006.200.95164.11
22/04/2019Derby v QPROver 1.5 Goals4.001.220.88164.99
22/04/2019Brescia v SalernitanaOver 1.5 Goals4.001.210.84165.83
22/04/2019Brentford v LeedsOver 1.5 Goals4.001.220.88166.71
23/04/2019Odd v VikingOver 1.5 Goals4.001.25-4.00162.71
23/04/2019Huesca v EibarLAY Eibar1.003.150.95163.66
23/04/2019Luton v WimbledonOver 1.5 Goals4.001.251.00164.66
24/04/2019Zwolle v GroningenOver 1.5 Goals4.001.210.00164.66
24/04/2019Wolves v ArsenalLAY Wolves2.003.10-4.20160.46
24/04/2019Man Utd v Man CityGoal In Both Halves - Yes2.001.57-2.00158.46
25/04/2019Den Haag v ExcelsiorBoth Teams To Score - Yes3.001.531.59160.05
25/04/2019Willem II v PSVLAY Willem II1.008.400.95161.00
26/04/2019Jong Utrecht v HelmondBoth Teams To Score - Yes3.001.451.35162.35
26/04/2019Liverpool v HuddersfieldGoal In Both Halves - Yes4.001.291.16163.51
26/04/2019Liverpool v HuddersfieldAnytime Goalscorer - Sadio Mane1.501.580.87164.38
27/04/2019Hartlepool v SalfordLAY Hartlepool1.008.80-7.80156.58
27/04/2019Watford v WolvesOver 1.5 Goals3.001.361.08157.66
27/04/2019Bristol City v DerbyOver 1.5 Goals4.001.291.16158.82
28/04/2019Valencia v EibarValencia3.001.45-3.00155.82
28/04/2019Leicester v ArsenalBoth Teams To Score - Yes3.001.53-3.00152.82
28/04/2019Copenhagen v OdenseOver 1.5 Goals4.001.251.00153.82
28/04/2019Molde v RosenborgBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.60-2.00151.82
29/04/2019Atalanta v UdineseBoth Teams To Score - Yes3.001.90-3.00148.82
29/04/2019Ajax U19 v TwenteBoth Teams To Score - Yes3.001.300.90149.72
29/04/2019Duisburg v BielefeldBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.511.02150.74
30/04/2019Black Leopards v Sundowns FCOver 0.5 Goals First Half2.501.380.95151.69
30/04/2019Misr v PyramidsPyramids / Draw Double Chance9.001.121.08152.77
30/04/2019Fleetwood v SunderlandLAY Fleetwood1.005.20-4.20148.57
30/04/2019Portsmouth v PeterboroughLAY Peterborough1.007.10-6.10142.47
30/04/2019Tottenham v AjaxBoth teams To Score3.001.71-3.00139.47
01/05/2019Brescia v AscoliOver 0.5 Goals First Half3.001.330.99140.46
01/05/2019Altrincham v BlythOver 1.5 Goals4.001.200.80141.26
01/05/2019Barcelona v LiverpoolOver 1.5 Goals4.001.251.00142.26
02/05/2019Arsenal v ValenciaOver 1.5 Goals4.001.301.20143.46
03/05/2019Sochaux v Red StarSochaux2.001.60-2.00141.46
03/05/2019Mainz v LeipzigLAY Mainz1.005.400.95142.41
04/05/2019Chievo v SpalBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.90-2.00140.41
04/05/2019Cardiff v Crystal PalaceBoth Teams To Score - Yes3.001.702.10142.51
04/05/2019Newcastle v LiverpoolLiverpool3.001.371.11143.62
04/05/2019Aurora v Always ReadyBoth Teams To Score - Yes3.001.401.20144.82
05/05/2019Empoli v FiorentinaEmpoli1.002.411.41146.23
05/05/2019Derby v West BromOver 1.5 Goals5.001.201.00147.23
05/05/2019Sassuolo v FrosinoneOver 0.5 Goals First Half3.001.361.08148.31
06/05/2019Man City v LeicesterGoal In Both Halves - Yes3.001.36-3.00145.31

We will be back next month with another update.

Top Football Tipster Review: Update One

8th April 2019

Our Top Football Tipster review hasn't started well and we have lost 36.24 points in the first month from 81 bets. As mentioned in our introduction, the advised stakes can sometimes be high especially with the lay bets. In one case we lost 8 points on a single back bet and 9.8 points on a lay bet, so the total loss can quickly add up.

Key Stats - Update One
 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets8181
Total Stakes (pts)267.85267.35
Profit/Loss (pts)-36.48-36.34
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£364.80-£363.40
Average Odds2.422.41
Strike Rate58.0%58.0%
Overall Bank Growth-18.2%-18.2%
Bank (200pt starting)163.52163.66

Results - Update One
DateFixtureSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
07/03/2019North East Utd v BengaluruBoth Teams To Score - Yes4.001.903.60203.60
07/03/2019Frankfurt v InterBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.73-2.00201.60
08/03/2019Brest v ValenciennesBrest / Draw Double Chance8.001.14-8.00193.60
08/03/2019JA Drancy v ChamblyChambly / Draw Double Chance5.001.39-5.00188.60
08/03/2019Bremen v SchalkeBoth Teams To Score – Yes3.001.712.13190.73
09/03/2019Blackburn v PrestonBoth Teams To Score - Yes5.001.75-5.00185.73
09/03/2019Sheff Utd v RotherhamBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.002.10-2.00183.73
09/03/2019Wycombe v SunderlandSunderland Draw No Bet3.001.470.00183.73
09/03/2019Morecambe v Forest GreenBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.85-2.00181.73
09/03/2019Man City v WatfordAnytime Scorer - Sergio Aguero2.001.62-2.00179.73
10/03/2019Imolese v RenateImolese / Draw Double Chance6.001.150.90180.63
10/03/2019Rennes v CaenLAY Caen1.008.000.95181.58
10/03/2019Hannover v LeverkusenLAY Hannover2.008.601.90183.48
10/03/2019Sassuolo v NapoliLAY Sassuolo1.007.000.95184.43
11/03/2019Denizlispor v UmraniyesporBoth Teams To Score - Yes4.001.83-4.00180.43
12/03/2019AFC Wimbledon v Peterborough UnitedBoth Teams To Score - Yes3.001.72-3.00177.43
12/03/2019Juventus v Atletico MadridCristiano Ronaldo anytime goalscorer2.002.202.40179.83
12/03/2019Man City v SchalkeBoth Teams To Score - Yes5.002.15-5.00174.83
12/03/2019Reading v LeedsBoth Teams To Score - Yes4.001.91-4.00170.83
12/03/2019Bolton v Sheffield WedBoth Teams To Score - Yes5.002.11-5.00165.83
13/03/2019Kawasaki v SydneyBoth Teams To Score - Yes3.001.80-3.00162.83
13/03/2019Bayern Munich v LiverpoolBoth Teams To Score - Yes3.001.712.13164.96
13/03/2019Barcelona v LyonBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.831.66166.62
14/03/2019Benfica v Din ZagrebLAY Draw1.004.600.95167.57
14/03/2019Arsenal v RennesOver 0.5 Goals 1st Half4.001.251.00168.57
15/03/2019Nice v ToulouseLay Toulouse1.004.200.95169.52
15/03/2019Sittard v EmmenBoth Teams To Score - Yes3.001.451.35170.87
16/03/2019Ural v CSKA MoscowLay Ural1.005.800.95171.82
16/03/2019Watford v Crystal PalaceBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.891.78173.60
16/03/2019Heerenveen v GraafschapOver 2.5 goals3.001.411.23174.83
17/03/2019Leverkusen v BremenBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.501.00175.83
17/03/2019Lyon v MontpelierMoussa Dembele - anytime goalscorer1.002.101.10176.93
17/03/2019Kayserispor v BasaksehirLAY Kayserispor1.005.000.95177.88
17/03/2019Chiasso v WilBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.851.70179.58
17/03/2019Fulham v LiverpoolGoal in both halves4.001.502.00181.58
18/03/2019Barnet v HarrogateBoth Teams To Score - Yes3.001.71-3.00178.58
20/03/2019Lyngby v SilkeborgBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.61-2.00176.58
20/03/2019Dep Capiata v LibertadBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.621.24177.82
21/03/2019Kazakhstan v ScotlandKazakhstan To Score3.001.621.86179.68
21/03/2019Germany U21 v France U21Both Teams To Score - Yes2.001.651.30180.98
22/03/2019Japan v ColombiaOver 0.5 Goals First Half3.001.50-3.00177.98
22/03/2019Germany U20 v Portugal U20Both Teams To Score - Yes3.001.71-3.00174.98
23/03/2019Connahs Quay v Ross CountyLAY Connahs Quay1.008.000.95175.93
23/03/2019Malta v Faroe IslandsBoth Teams To Score - Yes4.002.255.00180.93
23/03/2019Bosnia v ArmeniaLAY Draw1.005.800.95181.88
24/03/2019Kazakhstan v RussiaBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.002.00-2.00179.88
24/03/2019Hungary v CroatiaLAY Hungary2.005.90-9.80170.08
25/03/2019Kosovo v BulgariaBoth Teams To Score - Yes3.002.083.24173.32
25/03/2019France v IcelandFrance -2 (asian handicap)2.001.911.82175.14
26/03/2019Romania v Faroe IslandsHalf Time / Full Time2.001.701.40176.54
26/03/2019Italy v LiechtensteinItaly win 4-01.006.25-1.00175.54
27/03/2019R. Rzeszow - Pogon SiedlceBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.631.26176.80
27/03/2019Harrogate v SalfordBoth Teams To Score - Yes3.001.67-3.00173.80
29/03/2019Brisbane v SydneyBoth Teams To Score2.001.691.38175.18
29/03/2019Hoffenheim v Bayer LeverkusenGoal In Both Halves3.001.401.20176.38
30/03/2019Bochum v HamburgBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.77-2.00174.38
30/03/2019Getafe v LeganesGetafe3.001.87-3.00171.38
30/03/2019Borussia Dortmund v WolfsburgOver 0.5 Goals 1st Half3.001.29-3.00168.38
30/03/2019Man Utd v WatfordMan Utd Over 1.5 Goals2.001.450.90169.28
30/03/2019QPR v BoltonBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.002.002.00171.28
30/03/2019Juventus v EmpoliOver 2.5 Goals2.001.71-2.00169.28
31/03/2019Frosinone v SpalBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.002.00-2.00167.28
31/03/2019Monaco v CaenGoal In Both Halves - Yes2.001.95-2.00165.28
31/03/2019CSKA Moscow v UfaCSKA Moscow3.001.40-3.00162.28
31/03/2019Liverpool v TottenhamLiverpool3.001.601.80164.08
01/04/2019Sparta Rotterdam v MaastrichtSparta Rotterdam3.001.341.02165.10
01/04/2019Arsenal v NewcastleArsenal3.001.401.20166.30
02/04/2019Atletico Madrid v GironaAtletico Madrid3.001.401.20167.50
02/04/2019Watford v FulhamBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.621.24168.74
03/04/2019Eibar v Rayo VallecanoBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.801.60170.34
03/04/2019Sport Boys Warnes v AuroraBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.67-2.00168.34
04/04/2019Sassuolo v ChievoBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.95-2.00166.34
04/04/2019Leganes v ValladolidBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.002.30-2.00164.34
05/04/2019Korona v ZaglebieBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.83-2.00162.34
05/04/2019Gorodeja v VitebskVitebsk / Draw Double Chance4.001.251.00163.34
05/04/2019Jong Utrecht v AlmereLAY Utrecht1.006.400.95164.29
06/04/2019Sydney v Melbourne VictoryBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.711.42165.71
06/04/2019Parma v TorinoOver 1.5 Goals3.001.36-3.00162.71
06/04/2019Schalke v FrankfurtLAY Schalke1.003.550.95163.66
06/04/2019Newcastle v Crystal PalaceBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.001.95-2.00161.66
06/04/2019Huddersfield v LeicesterBoth Teams To Score - Yes2.002.002.00163.66

Hopefully we will see better results in our next update in a month's time.

Top Football Tipster Review: Introduction

7th March 2019

Top Football Tipster is one of the latest tipping services to become available on the Betting Gods platform after being proofed since September 2018. The total profit to date stands at £1,634.30 to £10 stakes, which works out as an average monthly profit of £233.47.

The service is a little different to most football tipping services in that as well as offering the usual back bets, it also advises lay bets. The tipster mainly covers top European leagues and popular markets such as Both Teams to Score, Over/Under Goals and Match Odds. 

One thing to note is that with the lay bets liabilities can sometimes be high, with the highest so far being an 80 point liability on one bet. They advise a starting bank of 200 points which is higher than most, but a losing lay bet could still be a devastating blow.

The results so far certainly look promising and hopefully the tipster will continue to perform well over the course of our review.

We will report back next with with our first update.

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