We Bet You Bet Review: Introduction

We Bet You Bet is a multi-sport portfolio of tips with all bets placed automatically using a web-based betting bot.

The bot works exclusively with Betfair, so you don't need to have access to any regular bookmaker accounts. After a quick set up, all bets are placed for you each day.

The service is made up of four tipsters covering five different sports: football, horse racing, golf, tennis and snooker. This makes it a diverse portfolio and should help even things out if one tipster is having a bad run.

Together they have reported a collective profit of 670 points in the past three years. Here is a breakdown of the profit/loss:

  • Football - 116 points / 387% return on capital
  • Golf - 153 points / 153% return on capital
  • Snooker - 79 points / 159% return on capital
  • Tennis - 151 points / 151% return on capital
  • Horse racing - 171 points / 228% return on capital

There isn't a standard subscription charge as with most tipping services. Instead, you pay an initial access fee and then a small percentage each time you hit a profit level based on what starting bank size you’ve chosen.

You can choose from eight starting bank sizes and stakes are automatically calculated for you based on that.

We are going to be monitoring the bot for ourselves to see how the service performs and will report back with our results.

Review Update

This review has been put on hold.

Reasons being, firstly the service hasn't been open to new members for quite some time. Secondly, we are unable to test the bot without using real money. 

Until there is a test mode implemented on the bot, the review will be paused.

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6 thoughts on “We Bet You Bet Review: Introduction”

    • Hi C, The service hasn’t been taking on new members for quite some time now and results hadn’t been going very well in our testing. We were waiting to see if they were going to open it up again but we haven’t heard anything.

      We have switched it off for now as there is no way to test it without it risking real money.

      • I’ve just been in contact with them and they said that there had been a cancellation recently so I was able to join if I wanted to.
        I was considering joining and willing to give you all the data you want, or do you highly recommend against joining?
        Best regards.


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