Cricket Betting Tipster Review: Cricket Tips

Cricket Betting Tipster Review

Cricket may seem a niche sport, but pro cricket tipster Pankaj says that making money from cricket betting doesn't have to be.

He has been tipping cricket on Betting Gods since March 2018 and since then he has reported £1,700.38 profit based on £10 per point.

Pankaj takes a slow and steady approach to his betting and prefers a low risk style with regular winners. During 2020 he decided to reduce the quantity of bets he was sending out and focus on being more selective.

The reported results are interesting as it seems that a lot of the profit was made back in 2018, where his bank was doubled within the first three months. After that it went a bit flat, but this year has shown profits slowly begin to climb again.

We would prefer more consistent results, which seemed to be the way the service was heading after the change in approach.

We tried the service out over three months, tracking results at the advised and available odds and our results are available to view in further detail below.

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Our Cricket Betting Tipster review ended with a fail rating.

Please feel free to continue reading the full review below, though we recommend checking out some of the betting system reviews which ended in a pass instead. There's a small selection below or you can click here for the full list.

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Month One Results

It was a slow start to our Cricket Betting Tipster review with 8 winning bets out of 15, which resulted in a small loss of 1.84 points at the available odds.

We felt the service could benefit from some write-ups from the tipster to go with the tips. As many are not familiar with betting on cricket, some insight into the bet selection would have helped make it a bit more interesting.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets1515
Total Stakes (pts)15.015.0
Profit/Loss (pts)-1.94-1.84
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£19.40)(£18.40)
Strike Rate53.3%53.3%
Overall Bank Growth-1.3%-1.2%
Bank (150pt starting)148.06148.16


DateEventSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
01/11/2020Kolkata Knight Riders v Rajasthan RoyalsKolkata Knight Riders1.001.860.86150.86
02/11/2020Hobart W v Melbourne Renegades WMelbourne Renegades W1.001.51-1.00149.86
06/11/2020Melbourne Renegades W v Sydney Thunder WSydney Thunder W149.86
Sydney Sixers W v Hobart WSydney Sixers W149.86
07/11/2020Trailblazers Women vs Supernovas WomenTrailblazers Women1.001.75-1.00147.86
07/11/2020Delhi Capitals vs Sunrisers HyderabadSunrisers Hyderabad1.001.80-1.00146.86
10/11/2020Melbourne Renegades W v Hobart WMelbourne Renegades W2.001.80-2.00144.86
14/11/2020Lahore Qalandars v Peshawar ZalmiPeshawar Zalmi0.502.10-0.50144.36
15/11/2020Hobart W v Adelaide WAdelaide W1.001.620.62144.98
17/11/2020Sydney Sixers W v Brisbane WBrisbane W0.502.200.60145.58
21/11/2020Fort Charlotte Strikers v Grenadines DiversGrenadines Divers1.001.620.62146.20
25/11/2020Melbourne Stars W v Perth WMelbourne Stars W1.001.620.62146.82
26/11/2020Brisbane W v Sydney Thunder WBrisbane W1.001.66-1.00145.82
27/11/2020South Africa v England T20 SeriesEngland1.001.670.67146.49
29/11/2020New Zealand v West IndiesNew Zealand1.001.620.62147.11
30/11/2020Central Districts Stags v Otago VoltsOtago Volts1.002.051.05148.16

Month Two Results

We made a small profit of 1.47 points in month two of our Cricket Betting Tipster review, but things still seemed to be stuck in slow motion. Over two months, we were down by 0.37 points and it didn't feel like we were getting anywhere.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets2121
Total Stakes (pts)19.0519.05
Profit/Loss (pts)1.211.47
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£12.10£14.70
Strike Rate57.1%57.1%
Overall Bank Growth-0.5%-0.2%
Bank (150pt starting)149.27149.63


DateEventSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
01/12/2020Jaffna Stallions v Kandy TuskersJaffna Stallions1.001.670.67148.83
01/12/2020South Africa v EnglandEngland1.001.530.53149.36
03/12/2020Galle Gladiators vs Jaffna StallionsJaffna Stallions1.001.620.62149.98
03/12/2020Dambulla Viiking v Kandy TuskersDambulla Viiking1.001.670.67150.65
05/12/2020Dambulla Viiking v GalleDambulla Viiking1.001.720.72151.88
07/12/2020Colombo v GalleColombo1.001.57-1.00150.88
09/12/2020Kandy Tuskers vs Jaffna StallionsJaffna Stallions1.001.67-1.00149.88
11/12/2020Colombo v Dambulla ViikingDambulla Viiking0.502.25-0.50149.38
13/12/2020Adelaide Strikers vs Hobart HurricanesHobart Hurricanes1.002.201.20150.58
15/12/2020Galle v JaffnaJaffna1.001.720.72151.30
17/12/2020Hobart Hurricanes v Melbourne RenegadesHobart Hurricanes1.001.800.80152.10
19/12/2020Sydney Sixers v Adelaide StrikersSydney Sixers1.002.001.00153.10
19/12/2020Sydney Thunder v Perth ScorchersSydney Thunder1.002.101.10154.20
22/12/2020Wellington Firebirds v Auckland AcesWellington Firebirds0.752.250.94155.13
26/12/2020Sydney Thunder v Melbourne RenegadesMelbourne Renegades1.001.85-1.00154.13
27/12/2020Otago Volts v Auckland AcesAuckland Aces1.001.80-1.00153.13
28/12/2020Otago Volts v Canterbury KingsOtago Volts1.001.83-1.00152.13
28/12/2020Sydney Thunder v Melbourne StarsMelbourne Stars1.001.80-1.00151.13
31/12/2020Brisbane Heat v Sydney SixersSydney Sixers1.001.62-1.00149.63

Month Three Results

Month three turned out to be another poor month for the Cricket Betting Tipster. There were 15 bets and just 6 winners, so givin us a loss of 3.7 points and an overall loss of 4.07 points over three months.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets1515
Total Stakes (pts)19.019.0
Profit/Loss (pts)-3.64-3.7
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£36.40)(£37.00)
Strike Rate40.0%40.0%
Overall Bank Growth-2.9%-2.7%
Bank (150pt starting)145.63145.93


DateEventSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
04/01/2021Northern District Knights vs Central Districts StagsCentral District Stags1.502.00-1.50148.13
08/01/2021Perth Scorchers vs Sydney ThunderSyndey Thunder1.002.10-1.00147.13
12/01/2021Perth Scorchers vs Hobart HurricanesHobart Hurricanes1.002.25-1.00146.13
15/01/2021Melbourne Stars vs Adelaide StrikersAdelaide Strikers1.002.20-1.00145.13
17/01/2021Sydney Thunder vs Hobart HurricanesSydney Thunder1.001.81-1.00144.13
19/01/2021Mumbai vs AndhraMumbai2.001.571.14145.27
21/01/2021Northern District Knights vs Canterbury KingsNorthern District Knights1.001.530.53145.80
22/01/2021Auckland Aces vs Central Districts StagsCentral Districts Stags1.001.81-1.00144.80
24/01/2021Wellington Firebirds vs Otago VoltsWellington Firebirds2.001.621.24146.04
25/01/2021Melbourne Renegades vs Hobart HurricanesHobart Hurricanes1.001.66-1.00145.04
27/01/2021Bihar vs RajasthanRajasthan2.001.300.60145.64
29/01/2021South Africa W vs Pakistan WSouth Africa W1.001.330.33145.97
29/01/2021Punjab vs BarodaPunjab1.001.50-1.00144.97
30/01/2021Wellington Firebirds vs Central Districts StagsWellington Firebirds2.001.731.46145.93

Review Summary

When we started our Cricket Betting Tipster, we were prepared for a slow and steady approach and quite liked the idea of a gradual but perhaps more consistent profit coming in.

It didn't quite go to plan as the slow approach just didn't pay off. After three months we were 4.07 points down and we were left feeling like there wasn't much hope for the service.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets5151
Total Stakes (pts)53.153.1
Profit/Loss (pts)-4.37-4.07
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£43.70)(£40.70)
Strike Rate51.0%51.0%
Overall Bank Growth-2.9%-2.7%
Bank (150pt starting)145.63145.93

Prior to our review, the profit graph had flattened out since the tipster's initial spurt of profit. We admire that he worked on altering his strategy to being more selective, but unfortunately it hasn't given the results that he had hoped for.

We decided to wrap up our review after three months and put Cricket Betting Tipster down as a fail.

Review Stats-4.07pts profit, -7.7% ROI, 51% SR
Stakes Advised between 0.5 and 2 point stakes
Starting bank 150 points
Average no. betsApprox. 17 per month
Time of emailsMorning 7.00-8.30am
Price£1.99 for 15 days then £7.00 per month

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Cricket may seem a niche sport, but cricket tipster Pankaj says making money from cricket betting doesn't have to be. Find out if he made a profit in our review.

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