Diamond Racing Lays Review: Lay Tips Service

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Welcome to our Diamond Racing Lays review - An established horse laying service that sends out several selections each day to lay on Betfair or using a bot.


  • Quick and easy to follow
  • Can be automated with betting software
  • Cons

  • Failed to make a profit during four month trial
  • We have been following tips from horse racing lay tipping service, Diamond Racing Lays, over the last four months now and we are back with our final results.

    It's been up and down throughout the review with a loss of 12.22pts in month one, followed by a profit of 14.61pts in month two which gave us a small profit overall. Month three plunged us back into the red with a loss of 10.6pts. 

    We decided to extend the review for a further month to help us make a decision on our ​final rating, but it turned out to be a scratch month with a small profit of 0.77pts which doesn't really help.

    As stated in our introduction post, from historical results the service has a strike rate of 69.3%. During our four month trial, there was a strike rate of 62.8% and the average lay odds were 2.84. There would have needed to be a strike rate of around 65% or more to make a profit at these odds. 

    Review Stats-7.44pts loss, -2.0% ROI, 62.8% SR
    Stakes Level 1 point stakes
    Starting bank 100 points
    Average no. betsApprox. 50 per month or 1-2 per day
    Time of emailsMorning 9.00-10.00am
    Price£1 for 30 days then £17 per month, £37 per quarter or £120 annually

    Key Stats - Overall
    Number of Lays207
    Total Stakes (pts)379.88
    Profit/Loss (pts)-7.44
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£74.40
    Average Odds2.84
    Strike Rate62.8%
    Bank (100pt starting)92.56
    Bank Growth-7.44%

    Longest Winning Sequence: 7

    Longest Losing Sequence: 5

    Max Drawdown: 22.59pts

    Diamond Racing Lays Review Graph

    Results - Update Four

    All results in this review include a 5% Betfair commission deduction.

    28/04/2017Doncaster15:20Desert Rain2.260.9592.74
    29/04/2017Sandown14:25Traffic Fluide3.150.9593.69
    29/04/2017Haydock14:05El Vip2.500.9594.64
    30/04/2017Salisbury15:00Take Shelter2.420.9595.59
    01/05/2017Beverley13:55Noble Manners3.060.9595.65
    04/05/2017Lingfield15:10Author's Dream2.380.9594.46
    05/05/2017Chepstow15:20War Chief3.550.9595.41
    08/05/2017Chelmsford18:40Velvet Revolution2.080.9594.65
    08/05/2017Windsor19:50Prendergast Hill3.790.9595.60
    09/05/2017Ayr14:00Poet's Reward2.820.9596.55
    09/05/2017Ayr15:00Warp Factor2.720.9597.50
    11/05/2017Chester15:35Venice Beach3.89-2.8994.61
    13/05/2017Nottingham16:25Wannabe Friends2.480.9595.78
    15/05/2017Kempton14:00Ok Corral1.35-0.3595.43
    15/05/2017Windsor17:20Highland Cradle3.650.9596.38
    15/05/2017Killarney17:40Arbre De Vie1.600.9597.33
    15/05/2017Windsor17:40Crowned Eagle2.53-1.5395.80
    16/05/2017Beverley17:35Amadeus Rox3.510.9597.70
    17/05/2017Yarmouth14:10Sean O'Casey2.76-1.7696.89
    17/05/2017Worcester15:40Amron Kali3.47-2.4794.42
    18/05/2017York16:35Brian the Snail1.850.9595.37
    19/05/2017York14:55Dancing Breeze3.450.9596.32
    22/05/2017Towcester16:00Forever Field1.680.9596.90
    22/05/2017Carlisle14:20Ventura Dragon2.44-1.4495.46
    22/05/2017Leicester20:35To Dibba1.60-0.6095.81
    25/05/2017Goodwood15:45Secret Advisor2.500.9589.71
    25/05/2017Goodwood15:10October Storm3.360.9590.66
    26/05/2017Goodwood15:45Raheen House2.630.9592.56

    The service has been extremely simple to follow, with an email being sent out each morning with selections that are to be layed at Betfair SP. If the odds are above 3.99, the selections are to be discarded.

    It's easy to automate the bets using software such as The Bet Engine​.

    The service has three subscription options:

    • £1.00 for 30 days and then £17.00 per month
    • £1.00 for 30 days and then £37.00 per quarter
    • £120.00 annual payment

    There is a 60 day moneyback guarantee if you aren't happy with the service.


    We were unable to make a profit from the service over four months, but we weren't left with a huge loss and our bank was never in any danger. A few good months could see things turn around quickly.

    The past results are available to view on the sales page and show that the service has yet to have had a losing year since launching in 2013. We have reviewed quite a few services offered by Bets For Today and have always found them to be honest and transparent, so we don't have any ​qualms there.

    It's certainly worth keeping an eye on this one - you can follow the results as they are uploaded to the website or take advantage of the 30 day trial for £1 if you prefer to follow live.

    We think that a "neutral" rating is fair and will be awarded two and a half out of five stars.​

    Diamond Racing Lays Review: Update Three

    2nd May 2017

    We have been trialling Diamond Racing Lays for three months now and after the results reported in our last update we were left feeling positive, however things have gone south again over the last month and we are now back in the red.

    Overall we have lost 8.21 points, which is far from being a disaster as we have a 100 point bank to work with. 

    As mentioned in our earlier updates, we have been monitoring the discarded selections below 4.0 just out of interest. Had we kept them in over the last month we would have faced a hefty loss of 92.98 points and bust the 100 point bank. There's not much point us recording these anymore so we will leave it at that. 

    We are not ready to make a decision just yet, so we will be extending the trial for another month to see how things go.​

    Key Stats - Update Three
    Number of Lays53
    Total Stakes (pts)96.57
    Profit/Loss (pts)-10.60
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£106.00
    Average Odds2.82
    Strike Rate56.6%
    Bank (100pt starting)91.79

    Results - Update Three
    27/03/2017Plumpton14:00Little Chunk2.80-1.80100.59
    29/03/2017Kempton19:55The Warrior3.50-2.5099.99
    29/03/2017Southwell15:00House of Commons2.920.95100.94
    30/03/2017Taunton14:00Touch Kick2.66-1.6699.28
    31/03/2017Wetherby15:50Swing Hard2.970.95100.23
    02/04/2017Ascot15:05Brother Tedd2.340.95101.18
    03/04/2017Huntingdon14:20Little Acorn3.250.95102.13
    04/04/2017Kempton14:00Man From Mars2.04-1.04102.99
    04/04/2017Southwell17:55Star of Lombardy3.85-2.85100.14
    05/04/2017Wolverhampton15:10Smiley Bagel3.15-2.1597.99
    05/04/2017Wincanton14:20Dance Floor King3.80-2.8095.19
    05/04/2017Wincanton15:20Anchor Man1.990.9596.14
    05/04/2017Leopardstown17:00Rose De Pierre3.80-2.8093.34
    07/04/2017Aintree14:20Mount Mews3.500.9594.29
    07/04/2017Aintree14:50Might Bite1.65-0.6593.64
    10/04/2017Redcar14:50Noah Amor2.96-1.9690.13
    10/04/2017Redcar15:20Lord Commander3.150.9591.08
    11/04/2017Exeter14:50Shantou Rock2.180.9592.03
    11/04/2017Lingfield15:00Black Orange2.180.9592.98
    12/04/2017Kempton18:45Monarchs Glen2.84-1.8491.14
    12/04/2017Kempton18:15Glorious Artist2.500.9592.09
    12/04/2017Nottingham14:50Major Jumbo3.540.9593.04
    12/04/2017Nottingham16:20Fire Tree3.800.9593.99
    12/04/2017Fontwell16:10Old Harry Rocks2.380.9594.94
    16/04/2017Plumpton14:35Code of Law3.450.9595.89
    16/04/2017Plumpton14:05Our Reward3.200.9596.84
    19/04/2017Sedgefield17:55Cesar Et Rosalie2.600.9597.68
    19/04/2017Wolverhampton20:15Gulf of Poets1.44-0.4497.24
    20/04/2017Cheltenham14:05Dusky Legend3.200.9598.19
    20/04/2017Ripon16:00UAE Prince3.35-2.3595.84
    20/04/2017Lingfield19:20Hackney Road3.650.9596.79
    21/04/2017Newbury15:05Shutter Speed2.48-1.4895.31
    23/04/2017Stratford15:00Gray Day2.300.9594.49
    24/04/2017Windsor18:45Mr Khalid2.30-1.3093.19
    24/04/2017Warwick15:55Morney Wing3.100.9595.09
    26/04/2017Punchestown16:55Sizing John2.10-1.1093.12
    26/04/2017Epsom Downs14:45Cracksman1.78-0.7890.84

    We will report back next month with another update.

    Diamond Racing Lays Review: Update Two

    4th April 2017

    We're pleased to see Diamond Racing Lays are back on track after making a great recovery during the second month of our review.

    At the end of last month we were left with a loss of 12.22 points, but the service managed to make a comeback with a profit of 14.61 points, which gives us an overall profit of 2.39 points.

    As with last month, we have still been recording the discarded selections above 3.99 to compare results. 

    We found that if we had left them in, we would have made a slightly lesser profit of 11.32 points, so leaving them out does seem to work for the better.

    Key Stats - Update Two
    Number of Lays47
    Total Stakes (pts)85.81
    Profit/Loss (pts)14.61
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£146.10
    Average Odds2.83
    Strike Rate74.5%
    Bank (100pt starting)102.39

    Results - Update Two
    27/02/2017Ayr15:15Las Tunas2.660.9588.73
    27/02/2017Wolverhampton16:25Spes Nostra3.650.9590.63
    27/02/2017Plumpton 14:35City Supreme2.95-1.9588.68
    28/02/2017Lingfield16:00Bamako Du Chatelet3.100.9589.63
    28/02/2017Leicester15:10Rebel Rebellion3.450.9590.58
    01/03/2017Wincanton14:40Pure Vision2.900.9591.53
    02/03/2017Taunton15:35Pull the Chord3.000.9592.48
    05/03/2017Huntingdon15:30Desert Queen2.240.9593.43
    06/03/2017Southwell15:00Royal Village2.680.9594.38
    10/03/2017Leicester15:25Global Dream3.00-2.0092.64
    10/03/2017Sandown15:05Rathlin Rose2.75-1.7590.89
    11/03/2017Sandown16:10Vicenzo Mio3.750.9591.84
    13/03/2017Plumpton 14:00Fountains Windfal1.36-0.3691.48
    15/03/2017Cheltenham13:30Neon Wolf3.900.9594.33
    16/03/2017Cheltenham14:50Empire of Dirt3.900.9596.23
    16/03/2017Cheltenham16:50Let's Dance2.50-1.5094.73
    16/03/2017Hexham14:25Princess Mononoke3.53-2.5392.20
    17/03/2017Cheltenham14:50Death Duty2.780.9593.15
    17/03/2017Cheltenham16:10On the Fringe2.540.9594.10
    18/03/2017Kempton14:05Clic Work2.820.9595.05
    19/03/2017Navan14:10Baltazar D'Allier1.800.9593.55
    21/03/2017Southwell15:15Magical Forest2.840.9595.45
    21/03/2017Southwell14:40Busy Street2.080.9596.40
    22/03/2017Newcastle15:30Good Run3.940.9595.65
    22/03/2017Haydock15:40Robin of Locksley1.510.9595.70
    22/03/2017Haydock14:10Potters Story2.000.9596.65
    22/03/2017Newcastle16:40Wick Powell3.100.9597.60
    23/03/2017Cork15:30Bonbon Au Miel1.62-0.6297.93
    25/03/2017Kelso14:05Teo Vivo3.250.9598.88
    25/03/2017Newbury16:10Most Celebrated3.740.95100.78
    26/03/2017Wincanton15:15Kayf Adventure2.200.95101.73
    26/03/2017Wincanton14:15Copain De Classe2.24-1.24100.49
    26/03/2017Hereford16:00Chef D'Oeuvre3.400.95102.39

    We'll report back in a month's time with another update of our results.

    Diamond Racing Lays Review: Update One

    2nd March 2017

    At the end of the first month of our review of Diamond Racing Lays we have lost 12.22 points at an ROI of -11.6%. 

    We have been loading the selections into The Bet Engine, so it has taken very little time to follow the service, but unfortunately the results just haven't been going the right way.

    The bot automatically discards selections at a higher BSP of 3.99, but we have recorded results including these lays just out of interest. We found that keeping them in would have lost us an additional 5.59 points.

    Key Stats - Update One
    Number of Lays57
    Total Stakes (pts)104.98
    Profit/Loss (pts)-12.22
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£122.20
    Average Odds2.84
    Strike Rate56.1%
    Bank (100pt starting)87.78

    Results - Update One
    27/01/2017Doncaster13:55Behind The Wire3.950.95100.95
    28/01/2017Doncaster14:30Cloudy Dream3.350.95101.90
    29/01/2017Fontwell14:10Wish In A Well3.300.95103.80
    29/01/2017Leopardstown15:30Nichols Canyon2.840.95104.75
    30/01/2017Southwell16:15Playful Dude2.620.95105.70
    30/01/2017Ayr16:35Sam's Adventure1.85-0.85105.80
    30/01/2017Ayr13:50Reivers Lad1.870.95106.75
    31/01/2017Lingfield15:00Burgess Dream2.140.95107.70
    31/01/2017Lingfield13:50Polly's Pursuit3.75-2.75104.95
    31/01/2017Southwell15:40Lady Buttons2.72-1.72103.23
    01/02/2017Kempton17:20Canadian Diamond3.65-2.65101.53
    01/02/2017Leceister14:40Paddocks Lounge1.93-0.93100.60
    03/02/2017Lingfield14:30Flowers on Venus2.70-1.7099.85
    03/02/2017Lingfield14:00Remember Me2.30-1.3098.55
    04/02/2017Sandown12:40Coeur De Lion2.98-1.9895.29
    04/02/2017Sandown14:25Clan Des Obeaux2.780.9596.24
    05/02/2017Taunton13:50Volpone Jelois3.100.9598.14
    06/02/2017Wolverhampton15:50Pushkin Museum2.74-1.7496.40
    07/02/2017Market Rasen14:50Anchor Man3.800.9597.35
    07/02/2017Market Rasen16:25Eminent Poet2.98-1.9895.37
    07/02/2017Hereford14:40Matrow's Lady3.600.9596.32
    08/02/2017Carlisle14:20Freddies Portrait2.54-1.5494.78
    08/02/2017Chelmsford16:40Lost The Moon3.25-2.2592.53
    08/02/2017Carlisle14:50Which One Is Which2.220.9593.48
    09/02/2017Huntingdon13:15Bandon Roc2.16-1.1692.32
    09/02/2017Huntingdon13:45Petite Power2.66-1.6690.66
    10/02/2017Kempton15:10Vyta Du Roc3.050.9591.61
    10/02/2017Southwell13:30Ralphy Lad2.560.9592.56
    11/02/2017Newbury16:45Daphne Du Clos3.10-2.1087.96
    13/02/2017Catterick16:10I Just Know2.80-1.8087.11
    13/02/2017Catterick14:40Kauto Riko3.00-2.0085.11
    14/02/2017Ayr14:20McGinty's Dream3.800.9586.06
    14/02/2017Fontwell16:00Leg Lock Luke2.100.9587.01
    15/02/2017Wolverhampton14:30Times in Anatefka2.70-1.7085.31
    16/02/2017Chelmsford17:50Celtic Artisan1.470.9586.26
    17/02/2017Newcastle15:25Petite Jack3.200.9587.21
    17/02/2017Fakenham14:00Mr Mix2.040.9588.16
    19/02/2017Market Rasen15:00Castafiore3.800.9589.11
    20/02/2017Carlisle16:10Beg to Differ2.620.9590.06
    20/02/2017Wolverhampton14:10Frivolous Prince2.50-1.5088.56
    20/02/2017Wolverhampton14:40War at Sea2.300.9589.51
    21/02/2017Southwell16:10Bounty Pursuit1.98-0.9889.48
    22/02/2017Ludlow14:00Ridgeway Flyer2.90-1.9085.90
    24/02/2017Exeter14:45Shaama Grise3.940.9586.85
    26/02/2017Fontwell15:30Sir Antony Browne3.700.9586.83
    26/02/2017Fontwell16:30Greyed A2.900.9587.78

    We will be back with another update in a month's time.

    Diamond Racing Lays Review: Introduction

    1st February 2017

    Diamond Racing Lays is a horse racing laying service run by Jason Matthews that is available on the Bets For Today network. It has been around since 2013 and has yet to have a losing year, according to the full history of results available on the website.

    From the results we can see that overall the service has had a strike rate of 69.3% and has made of a profit of £5096.40 to £20 stakes at an ROI of 8.8%.

    Emails are sent out each morning with a list of selections that we are to lay on Betfair at BSP, as long as the odds are below the maximum specified. Ideally, the selections should be loaded on to a bot, such as The Bet Engine, so that there is minimal time/effort needed. 



    We are using a bank of 100 points and will be laying each selection with a 1 point stake, so liability will depend on the odds but will never be more than 3 points. We will include a deduction of 5% commission in our results.

    ​We will only include the selections that are below the advised odds in our main results for the review, but we will also keep a tab on the others too, just out of interest.

    We will run the review over the next three months and will report back with a monthly update.


  • Quick and easy to follow
  • Can be automated with betting software
  • Cons

  • Failed to make a profit during four month trial
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